Our latest travel schedule and plans

We have missed seeing you on a daily basis, but just like you, we have been doing our part in helping our city and state flatten the curve. We are blessed and so happy that all our employees are healthy and have had time to spend with their families. Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones during this time and our gratitude to all essential workers on the front lines.

We wanted to reach out and let you know how we are adapting to the current situation. For all future trips, while we continue to prevent the spread of COVID19, we are implementing the following procedures to ensure the safety of our passengers and our drivers.

What we are doing:

  • All drivers will be required to wear face masks.
  • We have asked all our drivers not to come to work if they are not feeling well.
  • We are limiting the number of passengers on our vehicles.  Our vans accommodate 10 or 14 passengers.  The maximum number of passengers allowed will be 6 and 9 respectively to ensure social distancing. We have blocked seats that are not available for passenger use inside each vehicle.
  • Even though our vehicles have always been cleaned after a shift, we are now requiring they are cleaned with a bleach or alcohol based solution after each trip. This includes sanitizing interior surfaces as well as exterior handles.
  • There will be a bottle of antibacterial solution on each vehicle. Please let the driver know if you need to use it.

What we ask from our passengers:

  • Passengers will not be allowed to sit in the front passenger seat next to the driver.
  • Please refrain from opening or closing vehicle doors, including the ones for the cargo area to minimize contact.
  • Please take care of your own luggage (loading/unloading). If help is needed, let the driver know but do not expect him/her to go out of their way to help you as they have been instructed not to do so unless asked.
  • Passengers will be required to wear face masks/coverings (covering your nose and mouth) in order to board and while on the vehicle. If you do not have a mask/face covering we will deny boarding and no refund will be provided. Depending on supply we may have disposable masks for sale for a cost of $3 each (cash only). Please keep in mind drivers do not have change readily available and we would like to minimize any contact.
  • Please do not travel with us if you are sick.

As a result of the significant decrease in travel and extremely low demand for transportation services, we have decided to close most of our shared-ride shuttles through May 31, 2020. We will honor any existing reservations if something were to change we will contact those affected.  These trips are available for general booking online, so if you are interested in traveling please check each specific date. If you currently have a reservation and have decided not to travel please contact us ahead of time so we can cancel your reservation and issue a full credit for future use.

We have launched a limited schedule for June and July in order to address decreased travel demand.  This schedule is now open for reservations. As a small business, in order to be able to operate under these “new conditions” (limited schedule and capacity), we have been forced to increase our base price to $45 from our office and $55 for home pick-ups. Hopefully, once normality returns we can go back to our old “normal”.

Our private service is still available if you have any questions regarding the number of passengers or capacity please reach out to charters@groundshuttle.com and we will be glad to address your specific scenario.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding our new policies please do not hesitate to contact us. We are striving to make your experience enjoyable and safe.

We miss you and appreciate your support!

The Ground Shuttle