7 Fun Ways to Document Your Travel

How do you remember the epic trips you’ve planned, anticipated, and taken? Most of us take several dozen photos on an iPhone or Android, but then what happens to them? Maybe a few go up on social media, perhaps one gets printed and framed, but for the most part, those photos live on your phone. Perhaps they get shared every once in a while, but otherwise, they never see the light of day.

Eventually, your interest in looking at those photos, and the memories associated with them, fade into the background. And that’s unfortunate! Keep the memory alive and share your amazing visuals and insights with these seven fun ways to document your travel.

Here are 7 Fun Ways to Document Your Travel

1. Frame Curious, Trip-Specific Objects
Framed photos are beautiful, but what about framed train ticket stubs? Or foreign currency? Or museum entry stickers, menus from small cafes, postcards, or anything else that’s small and can fit in a frame? A collection of these small items in frames on a wall (or these small items arranged in one large frame) creates a fascinating, one-of-a-kind focal point and conversation piece about the details of your trip.

2. Assemble a Memory Box
Go beyond the traditional photo album with a memory box. These can hold not only photos and small flat items, but things like a small bottle of sand from the beach you sunbathed on, the coaster that was under your pint at the quirky pub you visited, seashells, and more. A small metal or wooden boxes from the craft store are perfect (label the outside with the name and date of your trip), and if you’re feeling uniquely artistic, you can embellish the box as well.

3. Record a Daily Video Journal
If you’re more inclined to shoot video than snap photos, a video journal could be an ideal way for you to make a record of your trip. Short clips of vistas edited together or longer shots of live-action make for great journal entries, and if you’re not too shy about being on camera, include yourself and your commentary. You can keep these just for yourself, or you can upload them to YouTube or Instagram for easy access anywhere and share with other travel aficionados.

4. Create a Photo Series With A Specific Object
It’s fun to scroll through travel photos on Instagram, but it seems like all tourists take the same pictures of the same landmarks and views. Differentiate your feed by creating a photo series with a specific object in those places. Maybe it’s a favorite stuffed animal that you take everywhere, or perhaps it’s your coffee cup or your favorite hiking shoes, but whatever it is, include that object in all (or many) of your photos. Don’t have an objective? Then add yourself, but think beyond the traditional selfie. Maybe include just the top of your head or your hand in a thumbs up. The best part of this idea is that you can use it on every trip you take. Don’t forget your unique hashtag!

5. Organize It All in a Binder
Even if you’re neither crafty nor tech-savvy, you can still create the world’s most fabulous coffee table book of your journey by arranging photos and other memorabilia in an old fashioned binder using letter-sized cardboard and sheet protectors. Once it’s done, leave it out where you can flip through it often and where your guests will be compelled to pick it up, look at what’s inside, and ask questions.

6. Order a Custom Photo Book
If you have some great snapshots from your trip, a gift for written expression, and a desire to share your insights and descriptions of your trip before they evaporate from your head, then write them down and use an online tool to create a custom book of your photos and your writing. In a week or two, you’ll have the deluxe photo album that you can look through any time to relive your excursion.

7. Keep a Travel Blog
If you’re a frequent traveler who also enjoys writing and is also tech-savvy, a travel blog may be your best bet. A travel blog is not only a keen way to document your travel in one place that’s accessible from anywhere, but it’s a useful method for educating, guiding, and inspiring other hopeful travelers: your regular entries, with your photos and your thoughts can become highly influential over time.