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Airline Loses Your Luggage – How Do You Handle That?

Airports are a busy place, both for travelers and the people who work there. It is no wonder that someone’s luggage occasionally gets lost during travel, despite the best planning and on-time arrival with the help of ground shuttle services to ensure an easy check-in. Some people might not know what to do when they reach their destination, ready to meet their pick up airport shuttle, and their luggage does not come down the conveyor at baggage claim. Following are a few tips to use in making airlines aware of the problem and starting the process that should result in speedy location of lost luggage.

Report Lost Luggage at Baggage Claim

When a flight’s baggage comes down the conveyor and it becomes obvious something is missing, travelers should immediately report this at the baggage claim office. Baggage claim officials will search to ensure that the bag is not just on the wrong carousel or misplaced, and then make a lost bag report. Travelers should get a copy of this report, as well as a contact phone number to call back to see if the bag has shown up.

File A Claim with Airline

After filing the report with baggage claim, travelers should immediately contact their airline and file a claim for the lost bag. Do not wait to see if it shows up – file the claim immediately with the airline on which the flight was booked. Check on claim limits and any other details that will affect the compensation received should the bag not be found and the airline must reimburse you for the value of your luggage and its contents. It can take up to three months for an airline to compensate for lost luggage, so getting the process started as quickly as possible is imperative.

Negotiating Claims and Compensation

Airlines usually print on their tickets the maximum amount that will be covered in the event a bag becomes lost or stolen. It is important to realize that this maximum amount does not mean travelers will automatically be awarded what they consider to be a fair price for missing items. Travelers sometimes have a better chance at fairer compensation if they have a list of the items that were in the missing bag, as well as some photos of the items during packing, and photos of the packed bag itself. This can be useful not only for identification, but also for proving what was in the case. Airlines will also refund any bag fees paid, although travelers must ask for this. Some airlines will also pay for rental of replacement items, like sports equipment, in the event that it was lost while traveling and rentals were necessary.

When arriving at the airport after a long flight and looking forward to resting while traveling in pick up airport shuttles, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is lost luggage. Bags that are missing should be reported to the baggage claim office immediately to initiate the process of getting the bag back. Since it is usually necessary to wait a day or two for baggage claim to track down a missing bag, stay calm, meet scheduled ground shuttle services, and try to make the best of the trip. The good news is that most lost bags show up by the next day, having apparently taken the scenic route on a different flight!

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How to Select Outstanding Ground Shuttle Transportation!

When looking for ground shuttle services, finding the best candidates can be confusing. There are many companies that offer airport shuttle transportation, and weeding through them to make the best choice does not have to be difficult! By using the simple process outlined below, anyone can make sense of the many shuttle service listings that come up on a search, and find the one that best suits their needs.

Search for Suitable Companies to Research

Today, pretty much every company that wants to be found by customers is online. Therefore, the easiest way to find a shuttle company is through a Google, or some other type of internet search. Searching for airport shuttle transportation in a specific city should result in a long list of companies. Yet it is important not to stop the search at the list of names. Look at the other information that comes up with these listings as well. Sometimes Google lists reviews and “stars” information right in the search results. Once the search has been completed, use the results to compile a list of services to check into.

Research Services and Reviews

After the list of ground shuttle services has been put together, research each service one by one. The important things to check for are what services the company offers, the type of vehicle fleet they have, and what other people say about them. Normally, a list of services offered, along with information about their vehicles can be found at the company’s website – so this is a good place to start. Next, look at their social media pages and any local directory listings. Check out Facebook and Twitter, among others, and observe the company’s online presence. Look for reviews by customers – especially look for any complaints on these sites. This will help to get a feel as to whether problems with service seem to be the exception or the rule.   

Narrow the Choices

By considering things like whether they offer the right services on the right schedules, and the comments and reviews left by previous customers, it should be fairly easy to narrow down the list of companies to three or four main possibilities. If they seem like reputable companies, and have received more positive remarks than negative, these are all good signs of a service worth hiring. Rate the results, and continue on with the best candidates!

Get a Price Quote

Lastly, to select the best ground shuttle services, get a price quote from those services that have “made the cut.” Call or email them and provide details of the date and time services are needed, and any special requests or requirements (like excess or oversized baggage, or bringing a small pet along) – then wait for the response. Also ask about things such as guaranteed reservations, pre-payment, whether drivers are accustomed to assisting customers if necessary, and driver safety records if this is a concern. After getting a price quote, and receiving all other relative information, it should be easy to determine which service seems like the right one to choose.

There is a lot of competition in airport shuttle transportation, and many companies to choose from. Picking the right service can make the difference between the start of a relaxed, pleasant trip, or one that is filled with problems, beginning with poor and untimely shuttle service. With a small amount of research, customers should have little trouble selecting the best service for their needs!

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