Do You Know Proper Ground Shuttle Etiquette?

Ground shuttles are convenient, affordable transportation both to and from the airport for many people. Yet to ensure everyone has the best experience, it’s important for all riders to consider basic etiquette when taking airport shuttles. The next time you ride with ground shuttle services, keep these tips in mind so that you and everyone else sharing the shuttle can have an enjoyable day.

Basic Ride-Sharing Etiquette for Airport Shuttles

Basic etiquette for taking ground shuttle services with other passengers is to simply be considerate:

  • Pack as few bags as possible so there’s room for everyone’s luggage.
  • Clear any extra bags with the shuttle company ahead of time.
  • When boarding ground shuttles, take a seat toward the back so it’s easier for those boarding after you to get on and seated. You won’t have to move out of anyone’s way.
  • Be at your pre-determined pick-up point on time and ready to board so that airport shuttles can get everyone to their flights on time.

Observe the Concept of Personal Space

As large and comfortable as they are, ground shuttles can get a little tight at times when all seats are full and everyone has their bags with them. Do your best to observe the personal space of other passengers and keep your personal items close to you so they are no bother to those next to you.

Keep your arms within your armrests as well to avoid those elbow touches that some find to be awkward. When the shuttle is full, everyone should be considerate of each other’s comfort to have an enjoyable ride.

Keep Voices and Noise Down

Loud talking, noisy music, and noises can make traveling in the enclosed space of airport shuttles uncomfortable for other riders. Show consideration by keeping your voice down and using your earbuds if you want to listen to music. Turn off the sound of video game as well. The others around you don’t want to know your personal business or what music you enjoy, especially if they’re trying to catch a nap during the ride.

If you’re traveling with children, do your best to keep them fairly quiet as well.Yes, kids will be kids; however, nobody enjoys being in a cramped space with screaming babies or out of control toddlers.

Avoid the Odors

Along with the noise level, the other thing that can make riding with ground shuttle services unpleasant for other passengers is odors. Avoid wearing heavy perfumes, colognes, and other scented personal care products that could affect others. Wear fresh, clean clothes that are not retaining any odors. Avoid eating in the shuttle; some might find food smells to be unpleasant.

Ground shuttles can make your travel to and from the airport easier and more relaxing. Just remember that you are not the only one who finds ground shuttle services to be convenient and comfortable transport. When you practice good passenger etiquette while riding in airport shuttles, everyone ends up happier and more comfortable!

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Summer vacation, summer break

No More Classes – Time For Summer Vacation!

Classes are getting closer to being finished for thousands of students across Texas who have one thing in mind – getting in a great summer vacation complete with convenient airport shuttle transportation. Yet many students have plans to work and not take flights and airport shuttles in order to meet financial and educational obligations. Which of these options is the right choice for you?

While there are benefits to both, research says to take a break, at least a short one. Booking accommodations, flight, and shuttle transportation now for a fun-filled vacation to mentally unwind is a great way to be ready for fall semesters. 

Summer Is Not Always Vacation Time

Even though classes will end in May for the school year, many students will further their educational goals even during summer break. Heading to the airport on airport shuttles to meet a flight to paradise for a few weeks may not be high on their list of priorities, even they they would enjoy such a break.

You may have need to pay student loans, car payments, and other expenses. So you may need to spend your time during the summer working instead of relaxing. Do you need to spend the summer continuing your education to catch up on missing credits or retaking a class? Maybe you feel pressured to obtain experience through an internship to be employable upon graduation. All of these are valid reasons why you and other students choose to skip a vacation.

Sometimes You Really Need A Vacation

Time off is always a great time to catch up on things and further financial, educational, and professional goals. Yet actually taking at least some time off can be just as important. Unfortunately, many students do not give themselves any kind of break and feel there is no time to travel for vacation fun, even if a cheap flight and airport shuttle transportation could make it more convenient.

A study on the way college students spend their summer breaks suggests that putting everything aside for even a short time to enjoy a little stress-free time off from responsibilities is not both fun and healthy as well. Other reports on this topic have shown that many college students end the year suffering from burn out, depression, and dealing with mounting stress and anxiety.

Advice From The Experts

What do the experts say? As important as staying ahead and working toward goals can be, you should still use a portion of your summer vacation time to take a break. A few weeks to unwind, de-stress, and relax is healthier for both mind and body.

Students who actually book flights and shuttle transportation for a vacation during summer break typically come back to school more refreshed and better able to get back into learning with clearer minds and less anxiety. In the end, this can benefit all your other goals.

Before you fill your calendar with summer jobs and extra classes, don’t forget to allow yourself time for a vacation. Book an inexpensive flight and airport shuttle transportation. Wherever you decide to go, start your fun by relaxing as you head to the airport in comfort and style on shuttle transportation to get you to your flight. Airport shuttles will let you rest on the way to your flight and get ready to enjoy your time off for some important rest and relaxation!

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