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No More Classes – Time For Summer Vacation!

Classes are getting closer to being finished for thousands of students across Texas who have one thing in mind – getting in a great summer vacation complete with convenient airport shuttle transportation. Yet many students have plans to work and not take flights and airport shuttles in order to meet financial and educational obligations. Which of these options is the right choice for you?

While there are benefits to both, research says to take a break, at least a short one. Booking accommodations, flight, and shuttle transportation now for a fun-filled vacation to mentally unwind is a great way to be ready for fall semesters. 

Summer Is Not Always Vacation Time

Even though classes will end in May for the school year, many students will further their educational goals even during summer break. Heading to the airport on airport shuttles to meet a flight to paradise for a few weeks may not be high on their list of priorities, even they they would enjoy such a break.

You may have need to pay student loans, car payments, and other expenses. So you may need to spend your time during the summer working instead of relaxing. Do you need to spend the summer continuing your education to catch up on missing credits or retaking a class? Maybe you feel pressured to obtain experience through an internship to be employable upon graduation. All of these are valid reasons why you and other students choose to skip a vacation.

Sometimes You Really Need A Vacation

Time off is always a great time to catch up on things and further financial, educational, and professional goals. Yet actually taking at least some time off can be just as important. Unfortunately, many students do not give themselves any kind of break and feel there is no time to travel for vacation fun, even if a cheap flight and airport shuttle transportation could make it more convenient.

A study on the way college students spend their summer breaks suggests that putting everything aside for even a short time to enjoy a little stress-free time off from responsibilities is not both fun and healthy as well. Other reports on this topic have shown that many college students end the year suffering from burn out, depression, and dealing with mounting stress and anxiety.

Advice From The Experts

What do the experts say? As important as staying ahead and working toward goals can be, you should still use a portion of your summer vacation time to take a break. A few weeks to unwind, de-stress, and relax is healthier for both mind and body.

Students who actually book flights and shuttle transportation for a vacation during summer break typically come back to school more refreshed and better able to get back into learning with clearer minds and less anxiety. In the end, this can benefit all your other goals.

Before you fill your calendar with summer jobs and extra classes, don’t forget to allow yourself time for a vacation. Book an inexpensive flight and airport shuttle transportation. Wherever you decide to go, start your fun by relaxing as you head to the airport in comfort and style on shuttle transportation to get you to your flight. Airport shuttles will let you rest on the way to your flight and get ready to enjoy your time off for some important rest and relaxation!

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You Travel For Business? Learn How To Reduce Travel Stress!

Air travel can be stressful for anyone, especially those who do it frequently for business. Making shuttle reservations with a reliable shuttle transportation company will get you to your flight on time and is one way to reduce this stress.

Yet shuttle services do not affect what happens once you are dropped off at the airport. Follow the tips below from experienced business flyers to keep your work travel as stress-free as possible.

Understand What Causes Travel Stress

Since you travel frequently, you probably know airports well. You know where to go to catch your plane, what is expected at the security check, and the policies of most airlines. You are ready to check in and take off once you arrive using your previously scheduled shuttle services.

It is all the unforeseeable events that cause stress, even though you are a regular airport and shuttle transportation customer. Flight delays, lost luggage, lost time, and exhaustion because of changing routines are some of the major stressors you may deal with when traveling often.

Poor or lack of internet connection in airports or flights as well as uncomfortable seating on flights are other significant stressors that frequent fliers face. The good news is that by understanding the source of your stress. you can take the steps necessary to avoid these situations and reduce it.

Reduce Travel Stress Through Preparedness

While you might not be able to remove all stress from travel days, reduce the chance of running into problems that cause it by using the following great tips:

  • Plan and Prepare – Most stressful situations can be diffused when you have a good plan and have prepared for potential travel issues. Begin by making shuttle reservations. Then plan for your business needs and workload. Look into the kind of WiFi access you will have en route as well as at your hotel and have a mobile hotspot if necessary. Bring all chargers for your devices and determine what work you can accomplish during travel to make the best use of your time. Have a travel and work itinerary as well as a schedule to keep track of the things you need to accomplish while on your trip.
  • Travel Comfortably – Dress comfortably, especially if you are cramped in coach for long flights. Wear layers that you can remove or replace and bring a neck pillow to help rest. If you must rush off to a meeting, consider changing in the restroom once you arrive and before you meet your shuttle transportation rather than flying in discomfort.
  • Pack Efficiently – Avoid the problem of check-in delays after being dropped off by shuttle services or of lost luggage upon arrival by packing smart and carrying your bags with you. Bring along travel-sized toiletries so you can carry them on. Roll your clothing to keep it wrinkle-free and make efficient use of space. Check the weather where you are traveling and pack accordingly.
  • Maintain Personal Habits – Reduce exhaustion that can cause higher stress levels by eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and sticking to your sleep schedule as much as possible. Keep workout routines as much as possible while traveling. Take time to stand up and walk around the airport during long waits. Make use of hotel fitness centers.

Business frequent flying can definitely take its toll on you, even if you make shuttle reservations to take you to and from the airport on time. The good thing is that you already know the ropes when it comes to airport travel and shuttle services. Take care of unforeseeable events beyond your reliable shuttle transportation that could become stressful by planning for them in advance and staying in control!

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How Can I Avoid Missing My Connecting Flight?

Missing a connecting flight can be frustrating. Scheduling shuttle transportation with a reputable shuttle services company is a great way to ensure you get to your first flight on time; however, what happens beyond that is out of your hands. To reduce the chance of missing a connecting flight, consider the tips below when scheduling flights and ground shuttle transportation so you get to your destination on time.

1. Book the Right Flight

The best way to avoid missed connections is to book a direct flight. When that is not possible, schedule as few connections as possible and always book with the same airline. Avoid booking on the last flight of the day, which is often delayed. If you have a choice of airline hubs, research which airport has the fewest delays and depart via shuttle transportation from that airport.

2. Choose the Right Seat

When you need to make a connection, getting off the first plane quickly is important. Choose a seat toward the front of the plane, preferably an aisle seat. You will be able to grab your carry-on and go much faster than if you sit in the rear of the plane.

3. Be Prepared

Once you are dropped off by shuttle services, make sure you are prepared for fast boarding on both of your flights. Keep your boarding passes and identification handy; dress and pack to get through security points quickly.

4. Know Where You Are Going

Get a map of the airport where you will land and keep it with your boarding passes. Before your first flight lands, determine where you will be boarding your connecting flight and how to get there. This will avoid losing precious time getting lost.

5. Pay Attention to Schedules

Sign up for airline email and text alerts; watch for flight landing and departure times. In the event that either of your flights is delayed, you will know what is happening and how much you need to hurry to make your connection. Check flight monitors when you land as well.

6. Plan for Possible Delays

When booking your tickets and scheduling ground shuttle transportation, plan for the possibility of flight delays. Be sure you give yourself enough time between connecting flights so you can make your connection with time to spare.

7. Check In Early

One of the easiest ways to save time for all flights is to check in early online. You can either print your boarding passes at home before leaving to meet your shuttle transportation or check in on your phone en route to the terminal and generate mobile boarding passes.

8. Pack Carry-On Bags

Checked luggage can be a problem with tight connecting flights. There is a possibility that it might not make it to the next plane in time. If you are making a connection to an airport that requires you to retrieve your bags and check them again for the connecting flight, your time will be even shorter. Carry-on bags alleviate many of these issues.

9. Ask for Help

When you start to run into time constraints after being dropped off for your flight by shuttle services, reach out to the airline staff. Tell the person at the boarding counter about your time crunch. They may be able to give you a seat in the front of the plane or arrange for a cart upon arrival to quickly escort you to your connection. Tell the flight attendants as well as those passengers sitting near you of your close connections. Most people will let you leave as quickly as possible so you can make your connection.

Sometimes no matter what you do, you may miss a connecting flight. To avert this possibility, use the tips above when planning flights and ground shuttle transportation. You will have better luck at staying on schedule after you arrive with shuttle services, escaping the chance of missing your first flight ands your connection. Just do not forget to book shuttle transportation at your final destination so your stressful travel day can end on a good note!

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