Best Way To Pack A Carry-On Bag For Airline Travel!

When planning a vacation or some other trip that involves flying, it is a good idea to think about your luggage before the day you plan to travel. After booking your flight and making shuttle reservations with local shuttle services, you should decide what you will need to take with you.

Many airlines charge extra fees for checked bags. You can avoid this by only using a carry-on bag. Fortunately, a carefully packed carry-on bag may be all you need.

Make A List

Once you have made your airline and shuttle reservations, start a list of everything you want to bring with you on your trip. List all clothing, toiletries, and other personal needs, along with anything else you will need to bring. Think in terms of the fewest items you can take, yet ones you will use the most to avoid bringing unnecessary items.

Bring garments that mix and match well and only one pair of shoes other than the ones you will wear on travel day. Wear any jackets or outerwear you want to bring with you on the plane to have space for other items.  

Choose The Best Bag

Confirm the dimensions allowed by your airline for carry-on baggage. You will avoid the possibility of having to otherwise check your bag after being dropped off at the airport by shuttle services because it is too large.

Find a soft bag like a backpack, duffel bag, or some similar type of bag that fits the dimensions. Soft bags allow you to pack more inside and are easier to stuff into overhead compartments.

Pack to Conserve Space

When it comes time to actually pack your carry-on bag, pack everything in order of need using space-saving techniques. Rolling your clothing uses the least amount of space while keeping clothing free of wrinkles. Put clothing at the bottom of the bag since since you will not need it until you reach your travel destination.

Arrange your shoes, toiletries case, and other items as neatly and tightly as possible to conserve space. Put anything you might want during your trip such as medication, snacks, or other personal needs at the top of the bag.  

Be Ready for Security Checks

After being dropped off by your shuttle service, get through security checkpoints easier and faster by anticipating them and packing accordingly. Bring any liquids in travel-sized, 3.4 ounce containers in a clear ziptop bag. It should be at the top of your bag for easy inspection. Keep any other allowed liquids like breast milk, baby food, and medications near the top.

Keep your boarding pass, passport, identification, and any other important papers out of your carry-on bag and in your purse or personal bag for easy access and security.

Avoiding extra baggage charges and the baggage claim area is easy to do with an efficiently packed carry-on bag. Once you have reserved your flight and made shuttle reservations, plan the contents that will be in your bag and your trip is finalized. You can have everything you need for your trip in a single bag that will be easier to keep track of once you are dropped off by shuttle services and save you unnecessary baggage fees!

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