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Protecting Your Luggage After You Leave Your Ground Shuttle!

One of the best parts of heading off on a trip with ground airport transportation is the many conveniences this service offers. From not having to worry about parking to included bag handling, travelers booking to and from airport shuttle services can just sit back and relax, read a book, or even get some lost sleep until they arrive. Yet it is important to take good care of those bags after the shuttle driver unloads them at the terminal. Keep luggage safe after being dropped off by ground shuttles by following these simple, but important tips.

Keep Valuables On Your Person

Prepare for the worst in the event that a piece of luggage does go missing and keep all valuables even closer. Anything of value should be kept in pockets or some type of bag that can be kept close to the body or hidden by clothing. This is the safest way to transport important or valuable items once leaving to and from airport shuttle services and heading into the terminal. It also makes

Keep Your Luggage Close At All Times

From the time the airport transportation driver gets luggage out of the vehicle, keep it close at all times. It is extremely easy for someone to walk by and steal baggage even if its owner is only a few feet away. Keep a hand on bags if possible; when resting or waiting, stand or sit with bags between the legs, use the bag straps or handles, or rest an arm on it. Stay in some kind of physical contact with luggage at all times to indicate ownership and reduce the chance that anyone will see it as a prime target to just walk away with it.

Take An Inventory of All Luggage

It is very easy to lose track of luggage at the airport considering how hectic and confusing it can be. Make sure you identify your luggage once you get off the Ground Shuttle and the driver hands it back to you.  It is a great idea to mark your bags with something that identifies them. It can be as simple as a bright piece of ribbon. This will be an easy way of tracking your belongings and avoiding confusion. To avoid losing track of luggage or inadvertently leaving any bags behind as easy targets, take an inventory before leaving the airport shuttle and at various points in getting through the terminal. Make sure all bags are accounted for at the checkout counter and that luggage to be checked gets safely tagged and loaded onto the conveyor. Inventory all bags after going through the security check, then after sitting down to wait for the flight. If getting up for any reason, once again make sure everything is there. The more times baggage is accounted for, the slimmer the chance that it will be misplaced or stolen after arriving via to and from airport shuttle services.

Stay Alert

Most importantly, stay alert! The best way to protect luggage after drop off by airport transportation is to be aware where it is and what is happening in the immediate area. Distraction is one of the main reasons why travelers lose luggage or have it stolen without even noticing it.

Luggage in the form of carry-on bags, purses, and computer bags is a highly targeted item at loud, busy, and confusing airports. Protecting luggage after leaving airport transportation should be a priority. By simply being more aware of surroundings and keeping bags close by, travelers can reduce the chance of leaving a bag behind or of losing it to a thief. To and from airport shuttle servicescan provide a quiet, relaxing ride for catching a flight; however, after arrival at the terminal, travelers must step up and keep good track of all their luggage!

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