Travel By Ground Shuttle To The Airport And Save Money!

Air travel can be expensive, no matter if the trip is for pleasure, business, or some other purpose. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways that air travelers can save money, from discounted tickets to flying at reduced peak hours. When it comes to getting to and from the airport, some people inadvertently end up spending more than is really necessary. Shuttle transportation booked with a reliable shuttle services company may seem like a splurge or unnecessary expense; however, it actually saves money in a number of ways.

Fuel Costs

With the price of gas these days, everyone is trying to save by driving less. For those who live more than just a few minutes from the airport, fuel costs can really add up. Most people live at least 30 to 60 miles from their local airport and that’s just one way. Gas is also an expense that many people simply forget to include in their travel costs. Whether driving their own car or being driven by a family member or friend, someone still has to pay for the gas. Shuttle services provide a more economical carpool solution, reducing fuel costs for travelers and their families.

Parking Fees

In addition to fuel costs, air travelers then have to pay to park their cars, which can turn into quite an expense. Drivers usually can choose a full-service lot where cars are protected in a guarded lot that can cost as much as $10 per day or kept under cover or in a parking garage at an even higher rate. There is the economy lot which may be a few dollars cheaper per day. It is still an additional travel expense that can be easily avoided with affordable shuttle transportation. Cars sitting in the economy lot are also not well protected and risk break-ins and damage from other drivers,

Time Savings

Many think that paying for shuttle services is too costly; however, they fail to realize how much time and trouble it could save them when calculating costs. Between getting out the door on time, driving to the airport, finding suitable parking, then hopping the airport bus to the terminal, there is a lot of time wasted that could be used doing more productive things. A delay at any one of these points could also result in a missed flight and even more time wasted. Shuttle transportation is a one stop, comfortable ride right to the terminal, leaving travelers time to catch up on email, read a book, or even take care of pre-boarding with online check-in.

In the grand scheme of things, there are actually many reasons why shuttle services provide a necessary and very cost-effective service to travelers who need to get to and from the airport. When dollars and cents count, most people will find that shuttle transportation can be less expensive than some of their other options. Adding the convenience that comes when someone else does the driving and the smooth ride of luxury shuttle vans, travelers can actually save money and put their time to good use!

Before looking at a parking lot bill as just a necessary expense and trying not to worry that the lot may be full when you get there, leave your car at home and book an affordable ride with shuttle services instead!

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