Pack Lightly To Enjoy Your Next Trip!

With the cost of airfare and necessary airport shuttles, traveling by air is becoming more expensive every day. A couple of ways airlines get you now is by charging extra for every bag that is checked as well as charging excess baggage fees if a bag weighs over a certain amount. Excess baggage alone can sometimes be a problem when traveling with ground shuttles as there is usually only limited space available for passenger luggage.

With weight limits getting lower every year and airline baggage fees getting higher, the best thing to do is learn how to pack smart and light. When you do, you’ll avoid excess baggage fees and have no trouble getting accommodations with shuttle services to get you to and from the airport.

Limit Yourself to One Bag (best way to avoid baggage fees)

The best way to avoid airline excess baggage fees and omit the worry of baggage troubles with shuttle services is to limit yourself to one bag whenever possible. One bag requires less space in the shuttle and creates less hassle in the airport.

Depending on the size of your bag, you can either carry it on or check it. Either way, a single bag allows you to enjoy more stress-free travel since you’ll only have one item to deal with. There won’t be a need to drag multiple bags from airport shuttles into the terminal and vice-versa.

Choose the Right Bag

The trick to traveling with only one bag and easily moving between ground shuttles and planes is choosing the right bag:

  • Size – Confirm your airline’s carry-on bag size limitations. A carry-on bag is the best option for light and convenient travel. Soft backpacks, framed backpacks, and smaller roller bags make great carry-ons that are typically within the size limits. Look for multi-compartment bags that expand as needed; these are easier to pack and afford you extra space that you may need on your return trip.
  • Carrying Comfort – Beyond backpacks, roller style bags with extending handles usually offer the most space and greatest convenience. Whether small or large, make sure that any bag you choose can be carried in multiple ways so you can easily handle it in any circumstance when moving through the airport and to meet shuttle services.
  • Weight – Get the lightest bag possible. Whether you carry your bag on or check it, the lighter it is the easier it will be to handle and the less likely you are to end up paying an excess weight fee. Lighter bags also mean easier handling while getting in and out of airport shuttles.

Pack Smart and Light

Once you’ve chosen a good convenient bag for moving between ground shuttles and the overhead compartment, pack smart to make the best use of the space you have available. Begin by making an inventory list of everything you will need to bring with you. Pare down that list when you get closer to your travel date so you only bring the things you absolutely must or cannot pick up while traveling. Think best-case scenario; you can always buy many items if necessary.

With your final items chosen, start packing your bag. Pack trial size toiletries and pick up more at your destination. Roll your clothing and pack into packing cubes or airless bags, which will help keep your bag tight, tidy, and efficient. Use all the compartments in your bag. Plan to dress casual and light. Wear layers of some of the clothes you can wear on your trip to conserve bag space. Use mesh bags to keep other items together inside your luggage.

Baggage is an inevitable part of air travel. Reduce the chance of paying more to fly or having to deal with space limitations on airport shuttles by packing light. If you can limit yourself to one bag, you’ll have no trouble making reservations for ground shuttles and have fewer items to deal with when flying. If you do need to bring more than one bag, confirm are fees or restrictions ahead of time with airlines and shuttle services!

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Don’t Miss A&M Parents Weekend – Reserve Your Shuttle Now!

Texas A&M’s Parents’ Weekend is an Aggie tradition that has been around since 1919 and this delightful event will be here sooner than you think. If you have an Aggie student who attends Texas A&M and plan to attend, now is the time to make your travel plans including ground shuttle reservations.

No matter where you are flying from, ground shuttle services will help you and your family make the most of this fun weekend. Convenient ground shuttles let you travel from Houston or Austin without any hassle to this great three-day weekend.

Mark Your Calendars for Parents’ Weekend 2018

Texas A&M Parents’ Weekend, which has recently been called Family Weekend, is anticipated every year by students and families. This year’s event is scheduled for Friday April 13 through Sunday April 15th in 2018. It offers a great opportunity for both Aggie students and parents to explore the beautiful Texas A&M campus while enjoying a variety of activities from music and food, crafts, and of course sports.

With so much going on over these three activity-filled days, if you are a parent who plans to attend, you can make the most of the weekend with ground shuttle services to arrive quickly and comfortably.

A Brief History of Parents’ Weekend

Aggie Family Weekend draws thousands of parents who fly in and make ground shuttle reservations to spend a fun-filled weekend with their Aggie students. It fun-filled weekend is known by many as “The Weekend Bigger than Texas.”

This tradition started in 1919 as a response to the concerns of mothers of recently-enrolled freshman sons. At that time A&M was an all-male school and all students were required to enroll in the Corps of Cadets, a military and leadership training program and the oldest A&M student organization.

With many mothers worried about their sons being initiated into the Corps and college life in general, the Aggie Mothers Club was formed to assist these students. One of the activities sponsored by the club was an open house weekend for families and students. This open house started as Mothers’ Weekend, evolved into Parents Weekend, and eventually became the yearly tradition known as Family Weekend. This great Aggie tradition is celebrating its 99th year in 2018.

Great Activities All Weekend Long

If you will be flying in for Parents’ Weekend this year, there will be a lot to do once ground shuttles bring you to Aggieland. The weekend schedule includes numerous activities for parent and student participation:

  • Aggie Ring Day – Aggie students will receive their Aggie rings at the Alumni Center on Friday and Saturday. Ring polishing, Ring Day apparel for sale, print signings, food, great photo opportunities, and a number of other activities will be available during Ring Day celebrations.
  • Aggie Mom’s Boutique – The Aggie Mom’s Boutique is a gift and craft sale hosted by the Aggie Mom’s Club and is a major fundraiser for many of the hundreds of Aggie Mom Clubs across Texas. It is open on Friday and Saturday.
  • Singing Cadets Spring Concert – The Singing Cadets, known as “The Voice of Aggieland,” will perform Saturday at 7:30 PM at Rudder Auditorium.
  • Aggie Yell Practice and Midnight Yell – Participate in Midnight Yell Practice with Yell Leaders and the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band at, yes Midnight at Kyle Field.
  • Downtown Street Arts Show – This event features local and regional artisans displaying their creations all day Saturday in downtown Bryan.
  • Award Ceremonies – The Biological and Agricultural Engineering Spring Awards and Scholarship Banquet will be held on Saturday and the Buck Weirus Spirit Award Ceremony on Sunday.
  • Baseball, Softball, and Football – Aggie teams will host visiting teams at the Aggie Softball Complex and Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park. The football team will conclude its 2018 Spring Practice with the Maroon and White game at Kyle Field.

The exciting Aggie Family Weekend 2018 is almost here. If you are planning to attend, get your travel and ground shuttle reservations made soon. With so much going on over the three day weekend, save as much time as possible by trusting ground shuttle services to get you where you need to go. Ground shuttles are quick, convenient, and affordable!

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Airport Transportation – Keep It Simple!

A common concern of worldwide air travelers is airport transportation. Many airports are frequented by taxi cabs that drive through arrival areas and solicit travelers; however, cabs may not be the best option, especially in a foreign country. To keep travel simple and stress-free, air travelers should plan airport transportation ahead of time. Ground shuttles to and from the airport provide reliable and convenient transportation, removing the stress of getting from Point A to Point B. Then all travelers must do is meet shuttle services at the designated pick-up point and leave the rest to the driver.

The Challenge of Getting to And From the Airport

Regardless of the solution, all air travelers have the same concern. They need to get to the airport in time to make a flight, then leave the airport after landing at their travel destination. Although this seems simple enough, it can be more challenging than many believe, especially when traveling out of the country or heading outside of general city limits. The usual options can normally be found – taxis and private cab services for hire – but that variety of airport transportation can be unreliable and unnecessarily expensive, especially on a particularly busy day.

Avoid Hailing Cabs At the Airport

Many people travel thinking that they will hail a taxi at the airport; reliance on this idea can create more hassle than expected. Travelers must first wait for taxis to drive through the arrivals area, then compete with other travelers to hail one down. Not all taxi drivers will go to where travelers need to go,so that must be determined before even getting into the cab.

Even after successfully finding a cab that will go to the desired destination, many travelers find themselves paying excessive fees since they have no control over how their fare is charged or whether their driver is taking them the right way. It is not uncommon for cab drivers to take advantage of travelers from out of the area specifically to generate a higher fare. Besides these concerns, travelers can never be sure of the size or type of vehicle they will ride in as well as its dependability.

Ground Shuttles Provide Dependable Airport Transport

Rather than paying too much for airport transportation or dealing with various potential problems, air travelers can travel in safety and simplicity by scheduling ground shuttles ahead of time. In doing so, travelers have complete control over they will leave the airport and can rest easy about getting to and from their flights.

Scheduling shuttle services with a reputable ground shuttle company can be worked out well in advance of travel, removing that concern from all the other arrangements that must be made. Ground shuttles are especially important when traveling in other countries, since they offer safe, reliable transport to hotels and other destinations, removing the need to depend on unscrupulous cab drivers and unsafe or uncomfortable vehicles. With ground shuttles, travelers will know ahead of time what type of vehicle they will ride in and its cost.

Pre-arranged airport transportation helps make air travel more enjoyable, especially when traveling abroad. The last thing that travelers need to be concerned with is difficult airport transport and what services they can trust. The best recommendation for all air travelers is to research ground shuttles ahead of time and book with the best company that can serve their needs. Shuttle servicestake the complexity out of airport transportation, helping air travelers to get on their way simply and safely!

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