Pack Lightly To Enjoy Your Next Trip!

With the cost of airfare and necessary airport shuttles, traveling by air is becoming more expensive every day. A couple of ways airlines get you now is by charging extra for every bag that is checked as well as charging excess baggage fees if a bag weighs over a certain amount. Excess baggage alone can sometimes be a problem when traveling with ground shuttles as there is usually only limited space available for passenger luggage.

With weight limits getting lower every year and airline baggage fees getting higher, the best thing to do is learn how to pack smart and light. When you do, you’ll avoid excess baggage fees and have no trouble getting accommodations with shuttle services to get you to and from the airport.

Limit Yourself to One Bag (best way to avoid baggage fees)

The best way to avoid airline excess baggage fees and omit the worry of baggage troubles with shuttle services is to limit yourself to one bag whenever possible. One bag requires less space in the shuttle and creates less hassle in the airport.

Depending on the size of your bag, you can either carry it on or check it. Either way, a single bag allows you to enjoy more stress-free travel since you’ll only have one item to deal with. There won’t be a need to drag multiple bags from airport shuttles into the terminal and vice-versa.

Choose the Right Bag

The trick to traveling with only one bag and easily moving between ground shuttles and planes is choosing the right bag:

  • Size – Confirm your airline’s carry-on bag size limitations. A carry-on bag is the best option for light and convenient travel. Soft backpacks, framed backpacks, and smaller roller bags make great carry-ons that are typically within the size limits. Look for multi-compartment bags that expand as needed; these are easier to pack and afford you extra space that you may need on your return trip.
  • Carrying Comfort – Beyond backpacks, roller style bags with extending handles usually offer the most space and greatest convenience. Whether small or large, make sure that any bag you choose can be carried in multiple ways so you can easily handle it in any circumstance when moving through the airport and to meet shuttle services.
  • Weight – Get the lightest bag possible. Whether you carry your bag on or check it, the lighter it is the easier it will be to handle and the less likely you are to end up paying an excess weight fee. Lighter bags also mean easier handling while getting in and out of airport shuttles.

Pack Smart and Light

Once you’ve chosen a good convenient bag for moving between ground shuttles and the overhead compartment, pack smart to make the best use of the space you have available. Begin by making an inventory list of everything you will need to bring with you. Pare down that list when you get closer to your travel date so you only bring the things you absolutely must or cannot pick up while traveling. Think best-case scenario; you can always buy many items if necessary.

With your final items chosen, start packing your bag. Pack trial size toiletries and pick up more at your destination. Roll your clothing and pack into packing cubes or airless bags, which will help keep your bag tight, tidy, and efficient. Use all the compartments in your bag. Plan to dress casual and light. Wear layers of some of the clothes you can wear on your trip to conserve bag space. Use mesh bags to keep other items together inside your luggage.

Baggage is an inevitable part of air travel. Reduce the chance of paying more to fly or having to deal with space limitations on airport shuttles by packing light. If you can limit yourself to one bag, you’ll have no trouble making reservations for ground shuttles and have fewer items to deal with when flying. If you do need to bring more than one bag, confirm are fees or restrictions ahead of time with airlines and shuttle services!

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Freshman Orientation

New Aggie Coming To Fish Camp? Reserve Ground Shuttle Now!

June is nearly done and the Texas A&M Fish Camp is right around the corner. For those attending, now is the time to schedule flights and shuttle services so you can make the most of this 4-day event. Ground shuttle services will help you get where you’re going without the wait and confusion of having to deal with ground transportation at the last minute. If you’re an Aggie and want to have the best Fish Camp experience this summer, include ground shuttle services in your travel planning.

What Is Fish Camp?

Fish Camp has been a Texas A&M tradition since 1953. The best description of Fish Camp is an extended orientation event designed to welcome incoming freshmen and teach Aggie traditions and school spirit. Freshmen arrive from all over, including those who fly into Austin or Houston and use shuttle services to get to the Camp destination. Incoming students are treated to four fun-filled days of making friends and learning about all the wonder traditions at Texas A&M.

Students take this time to build relationships and life-long lasting friendships with other fellow students. Some students attending this event are counselors who are tasked with helping the many incoming Freshmen get familiar with the culture of Aggieland.

Fish Camp has a limited number of spots available and is so popular that it often sells out. Registering and then scheduling flights and ground shuttle services early is essential for those who look forward to attending.

Aggie Fish Camp – An Experience You Will Never Forget

At Fish Camp, participants who arrive via private car or ground shuttles with airline connections can expect an exciting few days. Upon arrival, participants receive camp shirts and other supplies for the days to come. All lodging, meals, and activities take place at the Lakeview Conference Center in Palestine Texas, about 100 miles northeast of College Station Texas. Once checked in, participants are then divided into teams so the fun and games can begin.

Incoming Freshmen and those participating as counselors then spend four days discussing and learning about important Aggie traditions and events, campus life, and where to find academic help, among other things. The goal for the Freshmen who attend is to make the first day of class almost a return to class where they will see familiar faces and transition into college life much easier.

Plan Your Travel Now

Whether you plan on attending Fish Camp as a Freshman, a transfer, or a counselor, one thing is certain. If you’re lucky enough to have registered for the program this year, you should reserve your airline reservations and shuttle services as soon as possible. Like other busy events at Texas A&M, there can be a rush for ground shuttles before and after Fish Camp as hundreds of students come and go over the same time period.

Are you ready for Fish Camp? If you were one of the lucky Aggies who registered early before the sessions filled up, make sure you get all your travel planning done next. Get a flight scheduled and then reserve your guaranteed seat with convenient ground shuttle services to get you to and from either Houston or Austin airports. With convenient shuttle service transportation, you can focus on what’s important – having fun at Fish Camp!

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Travel By Ground Shuttle To The Airport And Save Money!

Air travel can be expensive, no matter if the trip is for pleasure, business, or some other purpose. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways that air travelers can save money, from discounted tickets to flying at reduced peak hours. When it comes to getting to and from the airport, some people inadvertently end up spending more than is really necessary. Shuttle transportation booked with a reliable shuttle services company may seem like a splurge or unnecessary expense; however, it actually saves money in a number of ways.

Fuel Costs

With the price of gas these days, everyone is trying to save by driving less. For those who live more than just a few minutes from the airport, fuel costs can really add up. Most people live at least 30 to 60 miles from their local airport and that’s just one way. Gas is also an expense that many people simply forget to include in their travel costs. Whether driving their own car or being driven by a family member or friend, someone still has to pay for the gas. Shuttle services provide a more economical carpool solution, reducing fuel costs for travelers and their families.

Parking Fees

In addition to fuel costs, air travelers then have to pay to park their cars, which can turn into quite an expense. Drivers usually can choose a full-service lot where cars are protected in a guarded lot that can cost as much as $10 per day or kept under cover or in a parking garage at an even higher rate. There is the economy lot which may be a few dollars cheaper per day. It is still an additional travel expense that can be easily avoided with affordable shuttle transportation. Cars sitting in the economy lot are also not well protected and risk break-ins and damage from other drivers,

Time Savings

Many think that paying for shuttle services is too costly; however, they fail to realize how much time and trouble it could save them when calculating costs. Between getting out the door on time, driving to the airport, finding suitable parking, then hopping the airport bus to the terminal, there is a lot of time wasted that could be used doing more productive things. A delay at any one of these points could also result in a missed flight and even more time wasted. Shuttle transportation is a one stop, comfortable ride right to the terminal, leaving travelers time to catch up on email, read a book, or even take care of pre-boarding with online check-in.

In the grand scheme of things, there are actually many reasons why shuttle services provide a necessary and very cost-effective service to travelers who need to get to and from the airport. When dollars and cents count, most people will find that shuttle transportation can be less expensive than some of their other options. Adding the convenience that comes when someone else does the driving and the smooth ride of luxury shuttle vans, travelers can actually save money and put their time to good use!

Before looking at a parking lot bill as just a necessary expense and trying not to worry that the lot may be full when you get there, leave your car at home and book an affordable ride with shuttle services instead!

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Don’t Let Thanksgiving Airline Travel Be A Disaster!

Thanksgiving is an important holiday in the United States, a day that has people all over the country gathering to give thanks and enjoy the closeness of family and friends. With millions of people flying and driving over the course of a few days, the Thanksgiving holiday can easily become a traveling nightmare, especially when bad weather becomes an issue. One way that travelers can reduce their travel worries is with ground shuttle services, although there are other ideas that can help. Pre-arranged shuttle services combined with other efforts to stay calm and in control can help travelers survive holiday travel even in the worst circumstances.

Check Weather and Airlines Often Before Travel

Besides the increased travel volume, weather frequently plays a part in adding to the stress and delay of holiday travel. Stay prepared by monitoring weather and paying attention to airline activity should bad weather be expected. Learn ahead of time what an airline’s policy is for rescheduling flights in the event of bad weather, as overnight lodging is not covered should a flight be cancelled. Follow airlines and airports on social media to follow up-to-the-minute updates. Have a basic backup plan ready, including some numbers for local ground shuttle services, should travel plans change due to weather.

Prepare for Crowds, Long Waits, and Delayed Flights

Nobody likes waiting; however, there are times when it is unavoidable. When traveling on holidays like Thanksgiving, travelers should expect to wait after being dropped off by shuttle servicessimply due to the volume of people needing service at one time. When weather is a concern, flight delays also leave people waiting. Have all devices fully charged before leaving home and pack snacks, entertainment, and other essentials to make long waits more bearable. Air travelers who could be affected by bad weather may even consider preparing for the possibility of spending a night in the airport or being forced to find nearby lodging.

Consider Rebooking A Flight

When crowds are especially intense and the weather begins playing a part in things, rescheduling a flight could also be an option to keep things under control. Many airlines now offer travelers the ability to reschedule to a different flight for free waiting a day would be better or destination weather causes delays. In both cases, keeping contact information for local shuttle services handy can alleviate the problem of finding a place to stay, when taking a later flight becomes a more desirable option.

Most air travelers understand that traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday means more stress and confusion than during other times of the year. To keep holiday travel from becoming a disaster even if the weather does, travelers should create a backup plan to handle a worst-case scenario. By acknowledging the possibilities, air travelers can be prepared for problems like weather delays and long waits should their travel be affected. Ground shuttle services booked ahead of time can help reduce the confusion and inconvenience of holiday travel as well!

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Airport Transportation – Keep It Simple!

A common concern of worldwide air travelers is airport transportation. Many airports are frequented by taxi cabs that drive through arrival areas and solicit travelers; however, cabs may not be the best option, especially in a foreign country. To keep travel simple and stress-free, air travelers should plan airport transportation ahead of time. Ground shuttles to and from the airport provide reliable and convenient transportation, removing the stress of getting from Point A to Point B. Then all travelers must do is meet shuttle services at the designated pick-up point and leave the rest to the driver.

The Challenge of Getting to And From the Airport

Regardless of the solution, all air travelers have the same concern. They need to get to the airport in time to make a flight, then leave the airport after landing at their travel destination. Although this seems simple enough, it can be more challenging than many believe, especially when traveling out of the country or heading outside of general city limits. The usual options can normally be found – taxis and private cab services for hire – but that variety of airport transportation can be unreliable and unnecessarily expensive, especially on a particularly busy day.

Avoid Hailing Cabs At the Airport

Many people travel thinking that they will hail a taxi at the airport; reliance on this idea can create more hassle than expected. Travelers must first wait for taxis to drive through the arrivals area, then compete with other travelers to hail one down. Not all taxi drivers will go to where travelers need to go,so that must be determined before even getting into the cab.

Even after successfully finding a cab that will go to the desired destination, many travelers find themselves paying excessive fees since they have no control over how their fare is charged or whether their driver is taking them the right way. It is not uncommon for cab drivers to take advantage of travelers from out of the area specifically to generate a higher fare. Besides these concerns, travelers can never be sure of the size or type of vehicle they will ride in as well as its dependability.

Ground Shuttles Provide Dependable Airport Transport

Rather than paying too much for airport transportation or dealing with various potential problems, air travelers can travel in safety and simplicity by scheduling ground shuttles ahead of time. In doing so, travelers have complete control over they will leave the airport and can rest easy about getting to and from their flights.

Scheduling shuttle services with a reputable ground shuttle company can be worked out well in advance of travel, removing that concern from all the other arrangements that must be made. Ground shuttles are especially important when traveling in other countries, since they offer safe, reliable transport to hotels and other destinations, removing the need to depend on unscrupulous cab drivers and unsafe or uncomfortable vehicles. With ground shuttles, travelers will know ahead of time what type of vehicle they will ride in and its cost.

Pre-arranged airport transportation helps make air travel more enjoyable, especially when traveling abroad. The last thing that travelers need to be concerned with is difficult airport transport and what services they can trust. The best recommendation for all air travelers is to research ground shuttles ahead of time and book with the best company that can serve their needs. Shuttle servicestake the complexity out of airport transportation, helping air travelers to get on their way simply and safely!

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Questions To Ask Your Airport Transportation Service!

Travelers planning a trip may decide that booking shuttle services is something they want to do. Shuttle services help travelers get to the airport on time, allowing them to enjoy a relaxing ride to the airport. Due to high demand for shuttle services, there are many companies providing airport transportation choices. So how can a traveler know which companies offer the best services for airport transportation? The best airport shuttle services can be found by asking a few simple questions ahead of time.

What Is The Service Area?

Before travelers book any type of airport transportation, they should make sure that the shuttle service covers their area. Most airport transportation services have various drop-off and pickup points throughout their service area where travelers can meet the shuttle, so find out if there is a local point. If not, a service may be able to recommend a company that has shuttles that pick up closer to home. Someairport transportation companies offer door-to-door service, although it may be limited to a specific area.

What Is The Cost?

After confirming the service area, travelers should inquire about the various types and levels of service and their prices. People traveling in groups should specifically ask if a shuttle service can accommodate the entire group and if there are any price discounts available for groups traveling together. Find out about general schedules, scheduling special times, and how the service handles door-to-door service, if offered.

What Vehicles Are Used and How Are They Maintained?

The type of vehicles offered by shuttle services may be important to some travelers. Vans are typically used for general shuttle service; however, some vans are nicer and more comfortable than others. What kind of vehicles are used to accommodate large groups? Is door-to-door service provided in a luxury vehicle? Travelers should inquire about the size of the vehicles, their age and condition, and the amount of maintenance performed on vehicles. Such information can indicate how safe the airport transportation will be and how much luxury can be expected.

How Are Schedule Changes Handled?

Travel arrangements can change at the last minute, so it is important to ask how shuttle services accommodate schedule changes. Can they quickly arrange another ride, and is there an extra charge for a schedule change? Most importantly, travelers need to know that should their travel plans change, they can still rely on airport transportation to transport them to and from the airport.

A few last questions travelers can ask a business offering airport transportation is why their company is the best choice in shuttle services and why travelers can rely on them. Doing so gives service representatives the chance to explain about the various features their service offers and what makes their company stand out from the rest. This valuable information, along with a confident reply as to why why their airport shuttle service is the best choice among shuttle services, should allow travelers to make a confident choice when booking their ground transportation!

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Air Travel – Is Cost The Only Factor?

There are three main things that most air travelers are concerned with today: cost; convenience; and service. A lower costing flight typically equates to fewer airport services being offered, which can make flying uncomfortable and inconvenient. In light of this, air travelers should consider whether cost should be a main deciding factor when booking air flights and airport shuttle services. Depending on the destination and purpose of the trip as well as a few other details, a relaxed arrival using shuttle services, along with a full-service flight, may be a better option than the discount flight alternative.

Are Discount Flights Really A Good Deal?

Discount airfare websites are popular today due to lower prices and how easy it is to quickly book a flight. Yet what many people may not realize is that these discounts still come at a cost. Buyers are rarely getting anything for free; they are simply getting less than what is included in the full fare.

This will vary depending on the airline; however, it can mean no extras like meals or snacks as well as no ability to choose a seat. Most discount flights do not give the option to choose flight insurance and may limit the amount of baggage a flyer can have. In many instances, discount flights either cannot be rescheduled or may require a large rescheduling fee; cancellation frequently results in forfeiture of the entire fare. On addition, many discount flight fares do not include the various taxes and travel fees that airlines charge, leaving travelers to pay these additional fees separately.

What About the Time?

Lost time and lack of convenience are huge considerations for air travelers booking with discount carriers. To begin with, discount flights frequently fly at less desirable times. This can leave travelers restricted as to departure and arrival times, especially if shuttle services are not available at such times. It can also mean being forced to take connecting flights, with long stopovers and many lost time spent waiting. Even if the extra airport services are important, everyone’s time is valuable.

Being subjected to delays and restrictions that often come with discount air travel can cost passengers in other ways, such as time and fewer services. Discount air travel takes time control away from travelers, forcing them to plan travel based on the airline’s needs, not their own.

Full Service Flights Reduce Flight Challenges

For the reasons referenced above and many other reasons, air travelers who fly full fare and receive full service generally experience more enjoyable travel. From the moment that airport shuttle services are booked, to arrival at the airport and flying on to travel destinations, travelers have complete control over their trip. They can book the flight that they want, enjoy a direct flight, and meet shuttle services at their destination, avoiding the confusion and exhaustion of prolonged air travel. Full fare travel offers flight rescheduling or canceling, flight times, baggage and flight services, seat choice, and seat class.

Taking all of this into consideration, most discount flights actually cost travelers more than what it may seem initially. A traveler’s time and aggravation is valuable; however, by flying based on cost alone, travelers give up important airport services and conveniences, many times without even realizing it. On the other hand, a full-service flight complete with airport shuttle services to drop off and pick up means traveling in greater comfort with greater convenience. Therefore, before going online to shop for flights based on price alone, consider the hidden costs. A regular flight, booked with convenient shuttle services, might be just the thing to ensure a more enjoyable trip!

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Tips To Get Through TSA Hassle-Free!

Traveling can be stressful, especially considering the increased security at airports today. TSA checks are a mandatory part of flying and many worry about getting through security checks quickly and easily once airport shuttles have dropped them off. Yet TSA security checkpoints do not have to be a big problem. By using these important travel tips, travelers can plan ahead, be in compliance with TSA rules, and be confident that once shuttle services arrive, they can get through TSA security quickly and make their flight.

Know the Airport

It is important to do a little bit of online research to determine if waits are common at the airport you will be using. Some airports are extremely busy at certain times of the day, making longer check-in and security lines. If in doubt, arrange to have airport shuttle services pick you up earlier, so there is no chance of problems should the airport be especially busy when you arrive.

Streamline Boarding Process

The best way to keep airport travel and security as simple as possible is to streamline it. After making ground transport arrangements with shuttles services, print flight boarding passes and store them with other necessary documentation such as passports, visas, and personal identification. Keep these documents close by in a purse or carry-on so they are immediately retrievable. Once it is time to leave, check-in online if possible, or use a check-in kiosk or other express check-in to avoid long check-in lines. Check bags outside with attendants at airports where offered. Then go straight to the security check with ID and boarding passes ready.

Dress for the Occasion

Realize that going through airport TSA checks means passing through a metal detector. The best way to prepare for this is to dress with clothing that contains few metal parts and avoid wearing jewelry and other metal accessories. Avoid belts, earrings, necklaces, wallet chains, and anything else that could set off detectors or require removal before walking through the metal detector. If some items are necessary, have them off and ready to place in the trays that go through the scanners to avoid taking extra time and slowing the process.

Pack Appropriately

Packing carry-on bags appropriately to avoid problems at the security check is also important. According to current security policies, any liquids, gels, aerosols, and other liquid items must be 100 ml (3.38 fluid ounces) or less to be carried in carry-on bags or purses. Any liquid items must be packed together in a clear, 1-quart zip-top storage bag so that it can be easily inspected when going through the checkpoint. Larger items should be packed into checked luggage or travelers will be forced to throw them out before passing through the security point. Be aware when deciding what to put in a carry-on bag that travelers may only bring two carry-on bags per person, including purses and computer bags. Medically required carry-on items such as CPAP machines are treated as an approved item in addition to the other two carry-on bags.

Allow For Busy Travel Days

No matter how well you plan ahead, there are some travel days during the year that are inherently busier than others, such as the Thanksgiving weekend. Every part of the travel process on some days of the year can be easily delayed no matter what you do.  In terms of getting through TSA security stress-free and in time for your flight, your best choice is to contact your airport shuttle serviceand schedule an earlier pick up to allow extra time to process through long and slow TSA lines. Then you can just relax and read that good book while you work through the security line!

The trick to successful survival of TSA security checks is being prepared and following the rules. By planning ahead, travelers should have little problem passing through these security points once shuttle services drop them off at the airport. With few or no questionable items worn or packed in carry-on bags, airport travel can be much easier, especially when starting off with punctual airport shuttle services!

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How To Pack Your Suitcase For Long Distance Travel!

Going on a trip far from home, whether for vacation, business, or some other purpose, requires good planning so that travel is as stress-free as possible. After making travel arrangements and scheduling airport shuttle transportation, the next thing to think about is getting together all that you will need while gone. Packing for long distance travel is a little different than traveling only a few hours from home. To be sure that everything necessary is packed for the trip and not forgotten, a traveler should follow the packing tips referenced below to be ready once shuttle services arrive.

Choose the Right Luggage

The size and type of travel bag used will depend upon how long the trip will be and how many items are required. Start out by estimating the amount and type of clothing required as well as the assorted accessory items and bags shown in the steps below.  Then select luggage that is large enough to carry what is need with a little extra room for items purchase while traveling.

Pack A Carry-On Bag

A carry-on bag is important for keeping valuable items and travel accessories together on both the flight and when using ground transportation. Whether using a separate carry-on or combining carry-on duties with a large purse, keep it neat, organized, and large enough to include the following necessary items:

  • Important Travel Documents – Have an envelope or pouch that contains essential travel documents, such as travel tickets and itineraries, passports and visas, frequent flier and other loyalty cards, personal ID cards, health insurance information, and emergency contact information so they are all easily accessible and safely stored.
  • Travel Entertainment and Technology – Include in the carry-on bag any tablets, e-readers, or laptops needed during the trip as well as books, magazines and anything else to help the hours pass quickly. Pack headphones and chargers as well, and consider bringing outlet adapters, especially if traveling abroad.
  • Personal and Health Items – To stay comfortable, bring personal items like a travel pillow, eye mask, small blanket, and earplugs. Include personal sanitary items, hand wipes, motion sickness medicines, eyeglasses and/or contacts with cases, and any prescriptions in their original, labeled bottles. Don’t forget snacks for the trip, too!

Pack A Toiletries Bag

The toiletries bag can either be carried on or put inside the main bag. When carrying on, be sure to adhere to TSA standards which limits liquids, gels, and similar items to 3 oz. or less.  It must all be carried in a 1-quart, clear ziptop bag for easy inspection. Include daily necessities such as:

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss 
  • Shampoo and conditioner 
  • Hair brushes, hair ties and other hair need 
  • Personal hygiene products 
  • Extra contact lenses and solution 
  • Cologne/perfume
  • Deodorant, shaving needs
  • Makeup and cleansers
  • Tweezers, scissors and other grooming items
  • Facial tissues
  • Sunscreen if necessary

Including a small sewing repair kit is also helpful. Travel health items like allergy and anti-diarrhea medication, vitamins, cold medicines, and first aid kits can be packed within the main bag. Bring paper copies of any prescriptions.

Pack the Main Bag

After dealing with the smaller items, compile a list of clothing items needed for the trip and begin packing. Be sure to include extra socks and underwear as well as required shoes based on activities. Organize clothing in sections and leave room for toiletry bags and any other separate bags that can fit inside the main bag. Neatly roll clothing to make efficient use of space and push smaller items into empty corners. Include a spare change of clothing on top just in case and close securely.

When it is time to meet airport ground transportation, travelers will have everything they need neatly packed in two bags, ready to travel. With good planning and making lists ahead of time, packing these bags by simply going down the lists should be a breeze. When shuttle services arrive, just toss the bags into the trunk, relax, and enjoy the ride!

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Traveling With Kids – Ground Shuttle to The Airport And Beyond!

Traveling with children can present challenges above and beyond those that other travelers may face. Nonetheless, any trip with kids can be an exciting and fun time with the right preparations. One of the best ways to reduce the headaches that can be encountered with airport travel with children is booking transportation to and from the airport with ground shuttle services. The conveniences that shuttle services provide allows parents to concentrate on what matters most while getting the entire family where it needs to be, on time, and hassle-free. When combined with the useful tips referenced below, everyone can enjoy the trip that much more.

Plan Ahead for Comfortable Travel

Making good travel plans is especially important when traveling with children. A schedule should be set that includes everything that needs to be done on the date of travel, allowing the family to be prepared for travel and at their designated pick-up point for ground shuttle services on time. Packing for the trip should be done accordingly, and parents should ensure each child has the proper carry on items for the flight. This includes things to keep the kids occupied, as well as snacks, drinks, extra clothing, and other necessities.

Each child’s normal behavior and habits should be taken into consideration and accommodated. This will allow everyone to have a calm and comfortable trip until arrival at the final destination. If traveling coincides with nap time, dinner time, or other specific times in a child’s schedule, necessary accommodations should be made to stay on that schedule as much as possible.

An important part of the planning process must include keeping children safely restrained in age-appropriate child safety seats. The only way this can be done is to either bring a seat for each child that is traveling or check with any of the shuttle services being considered to see if they provide such seating. Failure to plan ahead for this important necessity may cause service to be denied at the time of pickup, as any other way of traveling with children would be against what the law requires.

Explain Things Ahead of Time

Traveling, especially by plane, can be exciting for kids; however, it can also be scary and exhausting. To prepare for such a trip, parents should spend some time discussing what will happen on travel day, helping kids understand what to expect. Explain to the children the various steps involved in traveling, including things such as riding with shuttle services, arriving at the airport, check-in procedures, and the fact that they must be well-behaved through it all.

Make some rules about not straying, being courteous to other travelers, and other things that children may encounter while traveling. This eliminates ‘surprises’ at the extra restrictions they may face. Make the trip fun by making up games, or keep it educational as a way to hold their attention. This can be a great help in keeping everyone interested and behaving their best. It will also make it easier to ward off the crankiness and bad behavior that often comes with tiredness and over-stimulation. Don’t forget to provide rewards for good behavior.

Stay Calm

As any parent knows, remaining calm when things get stressful has an immediate affect on kids and their behavior. By trying hard to refrain from losing tempers and ignoring the looks that other travelers may give to those traveling with children, parents should just concentrate on doing their best. This will help kids be more calm in the process. One of the best ways to reduce stress, and maintain that level of calmness, is to travel to and from flights using ground shuttle services. This can be a tremendous help to parents so they do not have to worry about traffic, parking, or being late for a flight, which allows them to focus attention on their children the entire time. Convenient pick-up and drop-off, right at the terminal, will cut back on the time parents have to spend dealing with other things, making it easier to get checked in and get the trip underway.

To keep traveling with children as enjoyable as possible, whether going to and from the airport, or anywhere else, parents should consider ground shuttle services as a helpful and convenient option. Shuttle services take much of the extra stress out of traveling with kids, providing a clean and safe alternative to help parents keep things under control!

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