Value Added – Book Your Airport Shuttle Ride In Advance!

When traveling by air, airport shuttles can be a reliable and cost-effective choice for getting to and from the airport. Airport shuttle services provide safe, convenient service that ensures all travelers arrive at their flights on time and in comfort. Yet to get the best value from these services, it is essential to make airport shuttle reservations in advance. Travelers obtain a guaranteed seat as well as some cost savings on their trip.

Why Reserve In Advance?

There are actually many important reasons why travelers should book their airport shuttle reservations in advance:

  • Guaranteed Seat – Airport shuttles can transport many people at a time; however, it is possible that a shuttle could book completely the closer it gets to a specific flight. Not all companies require advance reservations, which can leave travelers in a bind if they wait until the last minute. To avoid these complications, book transport ahead of time when booking the flight. Then look for a service that requires reservations and will guarantee a seat once it is booked.    
  • Convenient Travel Booking – Another benefit to booking airport shuttle services early is the convenience. Once flight dates and times have been confirmed, travelers can schedule their ground transportation and be done with their travel plans. All they need to do after this is done is plan and pack for their trip, then show up on time at the shuttle pickup point.
  • Lower Cost – In addition to a guaranteed seat and convenient travel booking, advance reservations allow travelers to arrange timely, reliable, and comfortable airport shuttles at a lower price than just walking up to the shuttle at the airport.

How Advance Reservations Offer the Best Value

Some may feel that airport shuttle services are a luxury only to be done at certain times under certain conditions. With all things considered, this service can actually be very affordable in comparison to other alternatives. Considering the time, expense, and cost to park a personal vehicle long-term, travelers do much better when they ride to and from the airport with a shuttle. The trick to getting the best value is making reservations in advance.

Many companies require airport shuttle reservations to be made in advance since this allows them to provide service to guaranteed riders at the lowest possible cost. Although a reservation-only service will accept a stand-by rider at the airport with no prior booking, this fee is usually higher and must typically be paid to the driver in cash.

By reserving and paying early, shuttle companies can effectively plan their travel schedules to provide service to the most people, then keep the shuttle at the home base if there are no riders to take to the airport. These organizational savings are handed down to the advance reservation customer, who pays a lower fee than they would if the company had vans going to and from the airport whether rides were booked or not.

Reservations made in advance allow travelers to take advantage of other discounts like child rates, group rates, and other promotions that may be ongoing. These discounts may not be available to walk-up travelers.

When looking for the greatest value on travel to and from flights, airport shuttle reservations made in advance are the best option. Travelers are guaranteed comfortable seats on clean and safe airport shuttles and can book at the best price available. People who book airport shuttle services in advance get the most value for their transportation dollar. They help services stay efficient and gain access to available rate discounts. It is a win situation for everyone!

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The 3 Best Tips For Airline Carry-On Baggage!

For those people who frequently travel by air, many prefer to carry their luggage onto a flight to avoid having to deal with checked bags after being dropped off by airport shuttle services. Doing so may be much more convenient; however, travelers should also consider safety and comfort when planning a carry-on bag.

After arranging for drop off and pick up airport shuttles, travelers should take time to consider what their carry-on should contain and what items can be done without during a trip. Consider the three important tips that follow and pack for comfort, safety, and most of all, convenience.

1. Choose the Right Size Bag

The first step in planning for a carry-on bag is choosing the right size. Common sense suggests that a smaller bag would be better; however, don’t leave out necessary items just so you can avoid checking luggage. Carry-on size must fit within permitted dimensions or a passenger may have to gate check the bag. While airport shuttle services will carry any size luggage, most airlines limit the size of carry-on bags to no greater than 45 linear inches (the combined length, width, and height of the bag).

To avoid problems at the gate, it is essential to plan accordingly. Begin with a bag that is regulation size or smaller, working to fit required items inside. Downsize if possible, as a smaller bag is easier to handle.

2. Consider Comfort, Weight, and Courtesy

Besides bag size, travelers must consider their own comfort as well as that of other passengers on a flight. The goal of using a carry-on bag is to avoid having to deal with checking luggage after arrival with airport shuttle services. If the bag is uncomfortable to carry, any perceived convenience is forfeited.

Exceptionally heavy bags are certainly an inconvenience to everyone involved in the luggage carrying process.  Drivers of airport shuttle services are responsible for lifting bags on and off of the vehicles they are driving and can refuse to lift any bag that is too heavy, which would place the burden back on the passenger. Whether it is gate attendants or fellow passengers, overweight bags slow down the entire traveling process.  Bags that exceed stated airline weight limits will be stopped at some point and weight must be eliminated for that passenger to check luggage with the airlines.

If the luggage is just barely able to pass the weight check, it will be hard to carry, slow down the security check-in process, and be more difficult to stow once in the plane, which will in turn slow down fellow passengers during the boarding process.

To be both comfortable and courteous, keep the bag as light as possible. Think about easy handling and stowing, whether in the overhead bin or under the seat, and avoid causing problems for anyone who has to handle those bags as well as fellow passengers. A smaller, lighter bag will be easier to grab when meeting pick up airport shuttles once the flight lands.

3. Pack Smart

Most importantly, pack smart when relying on a single carry-on bag. Make a list of all required items, then pare it down to as few items as possible to make the best use of the small space. Pack creatively by including a small, easily retrievable bag of travel-sized personal care items. Then either roll up clothing or shrink it in vacuum bags to conserve space. Plan clothing for each day and bring only those items. If possible, plan to wear multiple layers to reduce the amount of packed clothing. Bring easy-care and wrinkle-resistant clothing that will not need extra attention.

Carrying a single bag on a flight makes it easier to deal with air travel. Whether arriving with airport shuttle services or landing to meet pick-up airport shuttles, those traveling with a carry-on bag can board or deplane faster and easier than when checking luggage. Just be sure to plan carefully by considering bag size and weight as well as making efficient use of available space. With a well-packed carry-on, traveling for a few days will be easier than ever!

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Carry-On vs Checked – Which Luggage Option Is Best?

One common thing that most air travelers think about is whether to check their bags after shuttle services drop them off or whether they should carry them onto the plane. Some passengers like to have their suitcases with them on the flight so that upon arrival, they can get right on their shuttles for a quick getaway. Others prefer to let airport services handle them so they can board their flight with little more than a purse or laptop. The decision is different for everyone; however, there are some definite pros and cons to consider.

Bringing Luggage Into the Cabin

Taking luggage into the cabin on a flight can be a lot more convenient for some people; however, there are some definite pros and cons to this decision:

  • Pros – On the brighter side, carry-on luggage means there is no dealing with bag checking or baggage carousels. After being dropped off by airport services, taking suitcases with them allows travelers to avoid check-in lines and get to their flights more quickly. It also means getting to their ground shuttles more quickly upon landing. Taking suitcases on the plane allows travelers to keep their belongings close by, eliminating the chance of them being lost or delayed. Convenience is also a factor since travelers have everything they need during their trip with them at all times. Putting everything necessary for a trip in one container to take on the plane also promotes lighter, more efficient packing.
  • Cons – On the contrary, there is a limit as to what can be carried onto the plane in terms of size. Carry on bags must be a certain dimension or they may have to be checked in at the last minute. Considering this, it may be a challenge to get a suitcase stowed on a full flight. Multiple carry-ons can take longer to get through the security checkpoint after being dropped off by ground shuttles. Carry-on luggage is also subject to TSA safety regulations, so this needs to be taken into consideration when packing things like personal care items. There will also be less room for bringing souvenirs and gifts back on the return trip.

Checking Luggage at the Curb or Terminal

After airport services drop passengers off, checking suitcases either at curbside immediately upon exiting the shuttle or at the counter also offers its share of positives and negatives:

  • Positive – Those traveling for longer periods of time or who need more items can bring what they need in their luggage. Rather than having to deal with multiple carry-ons, passengers can check their bags early and not have to worry about them again until they reach their destination. Checked luggage also makes getting through security easier and faster.
  • Negative – Unfortunately, checking suitcases does expose passengers to a certain amount of risk that luggage may be delayed, lost, or damaged. Upon landing, travelers must then go to the baggage return area and wait for their luggage with all the other passengers. Most airlines impose a suitcase limit per passenger as well as a weight limit, charging extra for exceeding weight limits. Dealing with checked bags in general can increase overall stress levels on a trip.

So travelers should decide whether to take their luggage with them on the flight or check it based on their need and personal preferences. After arriving at the terminal on the shuttle, handing over bags makes check-in and boarding easier. Carrying bags onto the plane gives passengers more control over their luggage and helps them get to their ground shuttles more quickly upon arrival at their destination. In either case, planning before heading to the terminal with airport services will prevent unnecessary confusion and travel stress!

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