The Best Ways For You To Survive Airport Delays!

Airline flights are delayed all the time, whether due to mechanical problems, staff problems, or weather issues. It can be very annoying, especially if you have planned for airport transportation to ensure you arrive on time and have already been dropped off at the terminal by airport shuttle services.

So what do you do once you are there and now have hours to wait? Consider the following tips to help you survive flight delays after your timely ride with airport services!

Pay Attention to the Weather

Weather is often the main cause of delays that could leave you stranded after airport shuttle services leave you at the terminal. If there is bad weather brewing, keep a close watch on what is happening with departing flights at the airport.

If the weather turns extreme before you leave or your flight will be greatly delayed or even canceled, rearrange your flight and airport services shuttle before you leave home or your hotel. You will avoid being stuck at the terminal for an extended period of time while you arrange for airport transportation to get you out of the terminal.

Program Important Contacts Into Your Phone

Nothing is more annoying or time-consuming than having to search for important phone numbers to rearrange plans when a flight is delayed. Always head to the airport with airline, hotel, and airport services phone numbers pre-programmed in your phone. Then you can make calls quickly and easily to adjust your plans due to the delay.

Monitor Airline Websites And Apps

Always monitor your airline’s website or flight app to learn about any flight delays as soon as possible. That will allow you to find out what options you have. You can enroll in text and email alerts to receive notifications about delays and new flight times quickly without waiting on hold for the airline’s customer service. Doing this can help you easily make necessary changes to your travel plans, including rescheduling flights and airport transportation.

Reschedule Your Flight

If it seems that a delay is likely and you could be waiting for hours after being dropped off by airport shuttle services, consider rescheduling your flight so you get to your destination on time. If rescheduling is something you are likely to do rather than waiting, be prepared.

Research potential flights in advance and know how your airline handles rescheduling flights. This will help if airport services have already taken you to the airport and then you decide to change your flight. You will spend less time dealing with busy customer service lines and ticket counters if you already know your rescheduling options.

Flight delays happen; unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it. Even if airport shuttle services get you to the airport on time, it is impossible to predict last minute airline delays. Make the best of it by planning in advance and rescheduling flights and airport transportation if necessary. When you are prepared for the possibility of flight delays, you can survive them more easily!

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5 Reasons To Pre-Book Holiday Travel Airport Shuttles!

Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. This means it’s time to plan your holiday travel if you’ll be visiting people out of town. It may seem early, but flights at this time of year fill up fast, as do reservations for airport shuttle services. Consider these important reasons why booking your ground transportation earlier, rather than later, is the best idea.

1. Early Planning – Less Holiday Stress

There is usually so much to do during the holidays that it is easy to forget a few details along the way; however, when it comes to making travel plans, forgetting the little details could ruin your entire trip.

If you schedule airport shuttle services well in advance when you make your flight reservations, consider your travel plans complete. You won’t have to think about it again until the day of your flight. You can spend your time taking care of other holiday needs instead.

2. Guaranteed A Seat

Just like the airlines, airport shuttle services get busy at holiday time. You already know to book your flight well in advance to get where you need to go on the right day and at the right time. It is advisable that you do the same with your ground transportation reservation. When you book your ride in advance, you will be guaranteed a seat to get to your flight on time, even during the busy holiday season.

3. Save Money

In addition to being guaranteed a seat, pre-booking airport shuttle services means paying the lowest price. Shuttles booked at the last minute may come at a higher price. Those booked well in advance may be discounted. Some services offer holiday discounts, making your ground transportation even more affordable. Reservations at discounted rates get snapped up quickly, so advance planning is recommended.

4. Not Deal With Traffic or Parking

The best reason to schedule your airport shuttle services in advance is so you don’t have to deal with any airport traffic or pay high parking rates to secure your car in a lot near the airport. All you need to do is meet the shuttle at the designated pickup point, get in, sit back, and enjoy the ride. You can check your messages, read a book, or even close your eyes to catch a few minutes of rest before or after your tiring flight.

5. Not Wait for a Ride

By pre-booking your holiday airport shuttle services when you make your flight arrangements, you won’t have to wait for a ride after you land. As tiring as air travel can be especially at holiday time, hailing a cab or waiting to be picked up is probably the last thing you want to do. When your ground transportation is pre-arranged, the shuttle will be there waiting for you. Hand your bags to the driver and get into the clean, comfortable vehicle.

Make this holiday season a great one by avoiding the unnecessary stress of poorly planned travel. Pre-booking holiday airport shuttle services gives you one less thing to deal with as your travel day nears. You will enjoy the freedom of simply meeting the shuttle and leaving the driving to someone else as you anticipate the good times of the holidays!

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When Hurricanes Cancel My Flight – What Do I Need To Do?

While it is not common, every so often a hurricane or another type of bad weather causes airlines to cancel flights to and from affected airports. Considering all the pre-planning you have done, from booking your flight and airport shuttle service to getting your bags packed, cancellations can be frustrating.

Cancellations can also leave you wondering what to do, especially if you have already been dropped off by ground shuttle services. Whether your cancellation happens in advance or it is a last-minute change, following are some tips on how to handle your flight and any reservations you have made for airport shuttles.

If Your Flight Cancels Before You Get to the Airport

When severe weather becomes a concern before you leave for the airport, look to your airline’s website, social media pages, or flight alerts to find out if your flight is affected. Once you learn that your flight is being cancelled, reach out to airlines and airport shuttle services to discuss changing your travel plans with a representative.

Most airlines allow a few different options when they cancel a flight. These typically include:

  • Transferring the ticket to another flight with any transfer fees waived.
  • Full or partial ticket refunds.
  • Switching the ticket to a new flight and destination, with transfer fees waived.

Do this same thing with any ground shuttle services to cancel and rebook airport shuttles for the new required time.

If Your Flight Cancels While You Are At the Airport

If you have already been dropped off at the terminal by airport shuttle services and your flight is then cancelled, find out whether the cancellation affects only your flight or many flights. Hurricanes can cause cancellations for a day or more. Transferring your ticket to a flight later in the day may not be possible or could result in another cancellation.

Discuss your options with representatives at the airport or call the main customer service number. If it seems you will not be going anywhere soon, reach out to ground shuttle services about transportation back home; however, depending on the weather severity, any travel may be unsafe.

Dealing With Airport Shuttles During Weather Cancellations

While you are finding out your air travel and ticket options, do not forget about any airport shuttles you have scheduled. Call the service at your destination to cancel your reservation since you will not be arriving there at the designated time or make a new reservation if your flight is rebooked.

Next, find out whether you can get a ride home on any shuttles currently leaving the airport. In either case, most shuttle services will accommodate your rescheduling needs if possible when your cancellation is due to unforeseen circumstances such as a hurricane shutting down the airport.

Cancellations due to hurricanes or other severe weather can cause confusion when it comes to airline tickets and ground shuttle services. When cancellations are made by the airlines and are unavoidable, you have a number of options for redeeming your ticket. Just remember to include contacting airport shuttle services in your cancellation and rescheduling plans. A quick phone call is all it takes to change reservations with airport shuttles to your new date and time!

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Airport Shuttle Services – A Seamless Travel Experience!

Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, one of the more challenging parts of your whole trip may be getting reliable ground transportation to and from your flight. Once you are at the airport, things should be reasonably under control; however, getting there on time is another story.

No matter where you may be, your travel experience can be seamless when you book airport shuttle services with an experienced company. Ground shuttles add the finishing touch to your trip so that you know you will arrive at your flight without any concerns.

Better Service Due to Competition

Before the advent of airport shuttle services, the only option travelers had was to find some type of personal transportation to the airport or, if available, to call a taxi company. Today, you have many more options available including ride share services in many cities. Yet these services still present a number of reliability issues.

Depending on ride share to get to the airport could be problematic, since drivers work on their own time; you may not know if there will be a ride available to pick you up. Taxis rarely provide service outside of the city and what do you do once you have reached your destination and need a ride to your hotel?

The best answer in all of these situations, the one that has been growing in popularity in recent years, is reserving with airport shuttle servicesAirport transportation services base their entire business on providing comfortable, safe, and reliable transportation to those who need to get to the airport on time.

When booked well in advance of a flight, this form of ground transportation is more convenient and reliable than the other options. This service usually comes at a better price, too.

Airport Shuttles Provide Seamless Experience

Considering the many disadvantages of using other means of getting to and from the airport, ground transportation provided by reliable airport shuttle services is really your best choice.

You can make all arrangements for your departure ahead of time along with your needs at your destination. You can also arrange for your arrival back home quickly and conveniently with services that have built their business on being there for you. Many companies even allow you to book services using convenient apps or as an inclusive part of planning through local travel agencies.

Best Price by Scheduling in Advance

Advance scheduling with reputable ground transport companies also ensures that your reservation is at the best price and that you will reach your flights on time. You will not even have to worry about payment since that is handled in advance as well. When you reserve airport shuttle services as part of your trip planning, you are guaranteed an effortless trip from the moment you meet the shuttle.

All you have to worry about is getting comfortable in your seat and enjoying the ride. Then simply step out and hand your bags to the airline baggage check person. On the return trip, simply meet at the designated location and relax as your bags are being handled and you are transported back home.

The goal that airport shuttle services aim to achieve is providing a smooth, comfortable, and convenient service for all travelers headed to or from the airport. They do this by allowing you to get all of your travel arrangements made at the same time, then reliably providing punctual transportation service.

To alleviate the travel headaches that come when seeking the best option for getting to and from the airport, look no further. When you reserve your ride with airport shuttle services, you will have a seamless travel experience!

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The 3 Best Tips For Airline Carry-On Baggage!

For those people who frequently travel by air, many prefer to carry their luggage onto a flight to avoid having to deal with checked bags after being dropped off by airport shuttle services. Doing so may be much more convenient; however, travelers should also consider safety and comfort when planning a carry-on bag.

After arranging for drop off and pick up airport shuttles, travelers should take time to consider what their carry-on should contain and what items can be done without during a trip. Consider the three important tips that follow and pack for comfort, safety, and most of all, convenience.

1. Choose the Right Size Bag

The first step in planning for a carry-on bag is choosing the right size. Common sense suggests that a smaller bag would be better; however, don’t leave out necessary items just so you can avoid checking luggage. Carry-on size must fit within permitted dimensions or a passenger may have to gate check the bag. While airport shuttle services will carry any size luggage, most airlines limit the size of carry-on bags to no greater than 45 linear inches (the combined length, width, and height of the bag).

To avoid problems at the gate, it is essential to plan accordingly. Begin with a bag that is regulation size or smaller, working to fit required items inside. Downsize if possible, as a smaller bag is easier to handle.

2. Consider Comfort, Weight, and Courtesy

Besides bag size, travelers must consider their own comfort as well as that of other passengers on a flight. The goal of using a carry-on bag is to avoid having to deal with checking luggage after arrival with airport shuttle services. If the bag is uncomfortable to carry, any perceived convenience is forfeited.

Exceptionally heavy bags are certainly an inconvenience to everyone involved in the luggage carrying process.  Drivers of airport shuttle services are responsible for lifting bags on and off of the vehicles they are driving and can refuse to lift any bag that is too heavy, which would place the burden back on the passenger. Whether it is gate attendants or fellow passengers, overweight bags slow down the entire traveling process.  Bags that exceed stated airline weight limits will be stopped at some point and weight must be eliminated for that passenger to check luggage with the airlines.

If the luggage is just barely able to pass the weight check, it will be hard to carry, slow down the security check-in process, and be more difficult to stow once in the plane, which will in turn slow down fellow passengers during the boarding process.

To be both comfortable and courteous, keep the bag as light as possible. Think about easy handling and stowing, whether in the overhead bin or under the seat, and avoid causing problems for anyone who has to handle those bags as well as fellow passengers. A smaller, lighter bag will be easier to grab when meeting pick up airport shuttles once the flight lands.

3. Pack Smart

Most importantly, pack smart when relying on a single carry-on bag. Make a list of all required items, then pare it down to as few items as possible to make the best use of the small space. Pack creatively by including a small, easily retrievable bag of travel-sized personal care items. Then either roll up clothing or shrink it in vacuum bags to conserve space. Plan clothing for each day and bring only those items. If possible, plan to wear multiple layers to reduce the amount of packed clothing. Bring easy-care and wrinkle-resistant clothing that will not need extra attention.

Carrying a single bag on a flight makes it easier to deal with air travel. Whether arriving with airport shuttle services or landing to meet pick-up airport shuttles, those traveling with a carry-on bag can board or deplane faster and easier than when checking luggage. Just be sure to plan carefully by considering bag size and weight as well as making efficient use of available space. With a well-packed carry-on, traveling for a few days will be easier than ever!

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