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Aggie Graduation Day – Don’t Miss The Excitement!

Spring is almost here and for many students who attend Texas A&M, this spring means graduation. What better way to celebrate the culmination of your Aggie’s college education than by attending Aggie Graduation Day in style and comfort as you are delivered by convenient airport shuttles!

Airport shuttle services that meet you after your flight will ensure Graduation Day weekend is enjoyable as your family celebrates this wonderful occasion. When you arrive on time thanks to local airport services, you can experience all the Graduation Day activities without any stress of being late.

Main Campus Aggie Commencement Day Ceremony Airport Shuttles

Texas A&M Commencement Days at the main College Station campus are Thursday, May 9 through Saturday, May 11, 2019. Each ceremony lasts about three hours. Aggies who are degree candidates will assemble at Reed Arena to receive their diplomas and degrees in front of an audience of peers, parents, family, and friends.

Since this is such an important day in every Aggie’s life, parents who are flying in for the ceremony and celebrations will want to arrive on time. So rely on airport shuttle services to pick you up promptly and get you to your hotel destination in plenty of time to get to any commencement ceremony.

Special Graduation Day Activity Airport shuttles

In addition to handing out diplomas and awarding degrees, Texas A&M Graduation Day ceremonies have traditionally included two activities that have become noteworthy to all Aggie families over the years:

Military Commissioning – Texas A&M is proud of its Aggie graduates who continue on into the military and recognizes them during Commencement Day ceremonies. Military commissioning will take place during the graduation ceremony to acknowledge Aggie graduates who will represent and defend our country in all six military branches of service: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marines.

Texas A&M continues to be the pride of Texas, commissioning more graduates than any other university in the country other than the service academies. If you are a parent of a commissioned Aggie graduate, be sure you are there to witness this special moment in your Aggie’s life as they commissioned as an officer by using convenient airport shuttles to get you there on time.

The Next Tradition – For all graduates who will continue to display their Aggie pride and future school involvement, The Next Tradition encourages them to do just that. Hosted by the Association of Former Students, The Next Tradition is another Commencement Day ceremony for Aggie graduates and their families, welcoming them to alumni life and highlighting the ways former students can stay involved with Texas A&M.

These activities that include Aggie Ring Polishing, photo opportunities, and an invitation to join the Aggie Network alumni association take place at the Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center prior to commencement ceremonies. Prompt airport services will make sure you arrive from the airport in plenty of time to see and do it all on this special day.

Graduation Day at Texas A&M is a very special day for Aggies and parents alike. If your child will be graduating this spring, now is the time to make your travel plans, including scheduling airport shuttle services to take the hassle out of flying.

When you book airport shuttles to get you to and from the airport, ground transportation is one less worry to deal with at this busy time. Airport services will get you where you need to go quickly so you can fully enjoy this memorable day and weekend!

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Places To Go For An Amazing Spring Break 2018!

Spring Break is right around the corner and for many, this means heading off to a great destination for fun in the sun. If you plan on enjoying time away from school or work, you need to make all of your travel arrangements in advance, including booking convenient airport services.

If you are still looking for destination ideas for booking flight and shuttle services, consider the great Spring Break favorites below. With affordable airport services, you can make the most of your time off and avoid any annoying ground transportation issues.

Daytona Beach Florida

Daytona is easily known as one of the most famous Spring Break spots and offers great weather, beaches, and an abundance of places to party. With easy access to plenty of affordable hotels and only a short ride via airport services from Orlando International Airport, there are many things to do in the Spring Break capital of the U.S.

Orlando Florida

If Florida is still an ideal destination but you want to explore the Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, and other major attractions, try Orlando. After landing at Orlando international Airport, affordable airport services can whisk you away to one of the many hotels in the area so your Spring Break adventure can begin. Best of all, you’ll be within easy driving distances to both Miami and Daytona if you want to spend some of your time at the beach.

Cancun Mexico

Cancun is another favorite spot for spring breakers and offers a great atmosphere as well as inexpensive accommodations and food. Many vacation spots here are all-inclusive deals. Boat tours, jet skiing, scuba diving, and great water parks are just some of the fun you can expect once shuttle services drop you off and you board your flight on the way to beautiful Cancun.

Las Vegas Nevada

Known as the oasis town that never sleeps, when is it not a good time to head to Las Vegas? Spring Break in Las Vegas offers everything from luxury accommodations and meals at great prices to shows, casinos, amusements, music festivals, and so much more. Flights and affordable airport services are easy to schedule, helping to ensure that you get the most of every minute you spend in this beautiful desert location.

Panama City Florida

Panama City is another favorite Spring Break destination for those who can afford this experience. This city is located right in the Gulf and close to the Florida Panhandle. You will find some of the best weather here in comparison to any other Spring Break location. Panama City draws a large number of people who are just looking to have a good time. By using affordable airport services, your travel to this exciting destination can be more economical too.

San Diego California

If you are looking for both fun and great weather in a more relaxed atmosphere, San Diego is another great destination for your Spring Break vacation. San Diego is only a short drive from Los Angeles and the many additional attractions there and is known for its cleanliness, parks, and fantastic nightlife. After flying into San Diego International Airport, airport services can have you to your hotel within minutes so you can get out and begin to explore without delay.

Austin Texas

If you are a music lover, Austin Texas is another Spring Break destination to consider. Spring Break in Austin is becoming more popular due to the SXSW festival hosted there every year. It promises to be a different type of experience, although just as fun as anywhere else you could choose for vacation. You will even be treated to live music when you land at Austin Bergstrom International Airport and make your way to the shuttle services that will get you to your hotel.

New Orleans Louisiana

Another fun idea for Spring Break is New Orleans. Known as the Big Easy, New Orleans is fun and colorful, offering great southern hospitality and food, an exciting nightlife, beach access, and the infamous Bourbon Street to enjoy with other spring breakers looking to have the best time. Music, culture, food, and beautiful architecture make New Orleans a great destination for Spring Break or any other vacation.

South Padre Island Texas

Another option for Texas Spring Breakers looking for a Gulf location without having to travel too far or leave the country is South Padre Island. This great spring break destination is huge in Texas and offers great weather, inexpensive accommodations, clean and beautiful beaches. and lots of nature to explore.

If you are looking forward to a great Spring Break, consider one of the fabulous destinations discussed above. Each of the various locations offers you fun, sun, dining, and the convenience of local air transportation and shuttle services. You better start making your plans including booking airport services as soon as possible. Both hotels and affordable airport services book up early during this busy vacation time of the year!

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Are You Considering Traveling With A Pet?

Flying with pets requires planning ahead. From finding the right flight and shuttle services to researching the best pet-friendly hotels, owners need to make sure they have accounted for all details and planned accordingly. Arranging the right airport services ahead of time can be an essential part of keeping Fido or Fluffy more comfortable, too. By using the following preparation tips, anyone traveling with an animal can arrange the flights and shuttles they need with little hassle, thereby reducing the stress that both pets and their owners must deal with.

Research and Book Transportation

Not all airlines or airport shuttles will carry pets. Some have weight and size restrictions, or require that animals over a certain size be checked as luggage to fly in the baggage compartment. Before doing anything else, research those flights and shuttle services that allow animals and arrange for transportion with them. Confirm in advance whether a small dog or cat can be carried on; and if so, what type of carrier is required so there are no surprises at the terminal. If traveling with some other type of furry friend, confirm that it can be transported, and where it must ride.

Understand All Pet Travel Requirements

After finding an airline and airport services that will transport animals, owners must then research requirements so their pet will be allowed onboard. Airlines have strict policies on vaccination and the types of crates that critters must be contained to. They usually require proof of vaccination from a veterinarian, and some may require other health paperwork as well. If also booking shuttle services, consider how the crate will be transported and how easily it can be taken apart and rebuilt for use on the flight.

Prepare for the Flight

Once all travel arrangements have been made, passengers should prepare so the flight is as stress-free as possible. Make sure crates are large enough so that pets can stand comfortably, and provide blankets for comfort. Label crates boldly with “Live Animal” signs and tape a photo of the animal to the outside of the carrier. In the event of an escape, airline personnel will know what the pet looks like. For dogs or cats that will be carried into the cabin, ensure they are comfortable in their travel crate and bring piddle pads along just in case. In all instances, withhold food and water before the flight and have leashes, collars and other necessities handy. If the vet recommends a sedative, test it out at home first to make sure that it works. Give the sedative at the recommended time prior to traveling. After landing, quickly retrieve the pet from the baggage claim area and locate waiting airport services.

Traveling by air with a pet can be stressful for both the animal and its owner. To reduce this stress and facilitate a smoother trip, owners must carefully research flights and shuttles ahead of time to ensure they understand the requirements and so they make their travel arrangements with the right ones. It is also important to remember that while airport services can be a great help when flying with pets, not all shuttle services will transport animals!

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Airport Services – What Makes For A Bad Airport Experience?

Airports are one of the more necessary, yet greatly disliked places that people must endure when traveling. Although airports serve an essential purpose, some of them are not very people-friendly, as odd as that may seem. Whether the problem is lack of airport services or poor terminal design, this all leads to poor airport experiences and increased stress. In an effort to reduce travel stress, travelers should research the airports they plan to travel through in order to plan ahead for any potential issues. Beginning with arranging for reliable ground shuttle services, air travelers can avoid these common airport issues and take control of their airport experience.

Poor Access and Expensive Parking

Most airports are huge facilities located close to major cities. This fact alone subjects most air travelers to the problems of high levels of traffic getting to and from the airport, coupled with limited and expensive parking upon arrival at the airport. The best way to avoid the problem of airport traffic and costly parking expense is to leave the car at home and book a ride with shuttle servicesAirport shuttle services are more convenient and affordable than leaving a car parked for days. They also take the stress out of airport transport, facilitating a more pleasurable airport experience.

Time Consuming Check-In And Security Checks

A main problem with airport travel is that it is impossible to know when there will be long check-in and security lines; all of these lines require time. As unpredictable as most airports can be, many travelers end up missing their flights. The best remedy for any of this is to check-in online, print out boarding passes or store them electronically, and travel without checking baggage if possible. In any case, travelers should arrive well in advance of their flights in case their should be long waiting lines or unexpected time-consuming security checks. The lines are unavoidable, so be sure to leave in plenty of time, especially when flying through a new airport.

Poor Terminal Design

Some airports make it very convenient for travelers to be dropped off by ground shuttle services, check in quickly, get through security, and then right to their gates thanks to efficient terminal design and floor plans. Other airports are spread out over huge campuses, with check-in and security far away from actual boarding gates, something that can be a big surprise to unaware travelers. Plan ahead by viewing a diagram of the terminal online and determining where everything is located to avoid confusion and potential missed flights.

Lack of Food and Services

Many travelers get to an airport and expect to find something to eat, convenience shops, and somewhere to plug in phones while waiting for flights. Unfortunately, some airports do not provide enough of these things after the security checkpoint, which is a huge inconvenience to air travelers. If possible, viewing a terminal map to locate necessary services ahead of time is well worth the effort. If services are minimal pack permissible snacks to have on hand if needed. Finding an outlet to charge a phone or laptop could be challenging in some facilities, so be sure to start traveling with fully-charged batteries.

While there are some airports that have carefully considered how to provide the best traveler experience possible, many airports fall very short of high marks in this area. The best suggestion for air travelers is to research airports ahead of time to understand what to expect regarding air services, amenities, and procedures. Then, do whatever is necessary to travel simply and efficiently. A good starting point is to take ground shuttle services to and from the airport. Doing this removes one major aggravation from air travel and promotes a better airport experience!

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