Don’t Overpack! Travel Light On Your Ground Shuttle Ride!

Overpacking is one of the most common, yet unnecessary parts of traveling that can cause stress. Between getting your luggage packed, loading it into ground shuttles and checking it in at the airport once the ground shuttle transportation drops you off, luggage can both weigh and slow you down.

If you pack wisely, chances are you can manage with a carry-on bag for most trips. Combined with convenient ground shuttle services, your airline travel can be fast and easy without the worry of traveling with too many bags.

1. Start Planning Your Carry-On Early

Start thinking about your carry-on bag ahead of time, such as right after scheduling your flight and ground shuttle transportation. What is the length of your trip and what will you do while away? Consider the local climate and other details that can help you decide what to pack.

Make a list of clothing and other items you need to bring, adding to the list as you think of things. Choose a bag that is big enough for your items, yet small enough for easy handling by ground shuttle services and carrying on the flight. Your goal, once the time comes to actually pack is to reduce your packing to the items you must bring and will actually use, leaving the excess behind.

2. Limit Your Choices

When planning your ground shuttles, flight schedule, and daily activities, consider which clothing items can perform double duty and bring those along. One pair of jeans, a pair of comfortable shoes, and maybe a pair of dress shoes should be more than enough for most trips. Bring core clothing items that can be dressed up or down with other items or accessories instead of complete outfits.

3. Be A Minimalist

Whether you are packing clothing, shoes, toiletries, or other needs, take the minimalist approach so you are traveling light when you arrive at your ground shuttle transportation pick-up point. In addition to making your wardrobe work harder with fewer items, pare down your other needs as much as possible. Choose travel-size personal care items and only bring cosmetic, hair care, and jewelry basics. You will have an easier time fitting everything into a carry-on bag and fewer items to keep track of on your trip.

4. Conserve Space

One of the most important parts of traveling light for ground shuttle services and airline flights is making the best use of the space you have in your carry-on. The best way to do this is by rolling your clothing. Rolled clothing takes up less space while keeping it wrinkle-free. A packing cube to organize the contents of your bag can also help you get the most room in your carry-on luggage.

The next time you are traveling by air, try the light packing tips above so you can meet ground shuttles ready to go with a single carry-on bag. People overpack most of the time, making ground shuttle transportation and flights more inconvenient by having to deal with multiple bags. Whittle your needs down to a well-packed carry-on and you will travel with ground shuttle services and flights comfortably, conveniently, and without unnecessary luggage delays!

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Ground Shuttle Services – Getting Safely To And From The Airport!

When you need to get to and from the airport, your safety is just as important as timely service by ground shuttle transportation. You may feel confident and comfortable with local ground shuttles, but what happens at your landing destination? Use the tips below to ensure that ground shuttle services are safe, reliable, and ready to meet you when you land!

Research Options

Once you have scheduled your flight, continue travel planning by researching all the available options for ground shuttles, both locally and at your destination point. Generate a list of potential ground shuttle services to book with. Check their websites for pertinent information like shuttle schedules, service areas, pricing information, and any rules and restrictions they may have.

You can also ask friends, co-workers, or acquaintances if they have any recommendations, especially if they have traveled to the same city. Another option is to look on travel blogs or official government travel websites.

Look At Customer Opinions

After selecting a few good options for ground shuttle transportation, continue researching by looking into their reputation and safety. Look for customer testimonials and social reviews that will give you an idea of the quality of service offered.

Pay particular attention to posted online reviews. You want to schedule ground shuttle services that are prompt and provide reliable transport in clean, safe vehicles. Make sure you are aware of the cancellation or change policies so you are not surprised if your plans change.

Plan Ahead of Time

Once you have selected the desirable ground shuttles to use, reserve their services well in advance of your flight so you are sure to get a seat at the desired time. Call or email the company first with any questions. Confirm their policy on things like cancellations, late flights, and any other issues that could affect your ground shuttle transportation.

Confirm a phone number where the service can be contacted at any time – day or night. Once you book your reservation, ask where the pickup and drop off points are and make sure they have all your flight information. Call or email to confirm your reservation the day before your travel.

Have A Backup Plan

To make sure all bases are covered, always have a backup plan in mind. Whether the shuttle is delayed due to something unforeseen like a  highway accident or if your flight is delayed and you miss your ride, determine in advance your backup options.

Before you head off on your trip, think about ground shuttle services and reserving with a safe and reliable company. Research your options ahead of time to find the best ground shuttle transportation, then book early. Confirm ground shuttles ahead of time to reserve your seat. With a bit of advance planning, you should have little trouble getting to and from your pickup and destination points promptly and safely!

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The 3 Top Things To Know About Airport Shuttle Services!

Vacation time is here, which means it is time to travel. When you want to get to and from the airport quickly and conveniently, ground shuttle transportation is your best option. Not only do ground shuttles run all day and evening long, but they get you to your flight without stress and on time. Consider the top three reasons referenced below as to why ground shuttle services can make your travel more pleasant. Then, book your reservation today.

1. Comfortable, Cost-Effective Transportation

Air travel is stressful and expensive enough as it is, without the added worry and expense of getting to your flight. When you reserve ground shuttle transportation, you get the benefit of a comfortable ride that may cost much less than other options. Between fuel costs, wear and tear on your car, and the daily fee for parking while you are away, driving yourself to the terminal can be expensive.

Ground shuttle services offer you the chance to ride in luxury, climate controlled vans while you are safely transported. This frees you up to sleep, read, and even catch up on emails during the trip. Courteous and experienced drivers will ensure your comfort while getting you to your flight on time, leaving you right at the terminal entrance. Overall, this point-to-point service can be much more convenient, less stressful, and generally less expensive than driving on your own.

2. Service any Day or Night

The last thing you want to worry about when flying home is whether you will be able to find a taxi. Other worries may include whether your car has been damaged in the airport lot during your travel. Fortunately, ground shuttles operate on regular schedules, from the wee hours of the morning into late evening, ready to meet you when your flight lands.

All you must do is pick up your bags at the baggage claim and head to the pick-up area. Your pre-scheduled ground shuttle transportation will be there waiting for you to get you home. No riding the bus to the parking lot, no high parking fees added to your travel expense, and no having to drive for hours when you are already tired from your flight.

3. Easy Advance Scheduling to Help You Plan

Best of all, you can take care of all your travel planning at once by scheduling ground shuttle services right after you make flight reservations. Whether booking ground shuttles online or over the phone, your entire trip can be planned in minutes, leaving you only with the task of packing your bags. Advance booking also provides the best rate, along with a guaranteed seat, whether heading to the airport, your return trip home, or both.

Before you spend a lot of time thinking about how to get to or from the airport, consider ground shuttle transportation, and why it is the best choice. Schedule in advance, pay in advance, and then simply meet ground shuttles at the pickup point and you will be on your way. Ground shuttle services add that final touch to your trip. They provide fast, hassle-free, and reliable transportation so you can enjoy yourself from the moment you leave home to the moment you return!

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My Plane Was Late And I Missed My Ground Shuttle – Now What?

If there is one thing every air traveler like you knows, it is that flight delays happen. There are countless reasons why flights are delayed, which means that ground shuttle transportation can be delayed as well.

So what happens when flights land later than expected and you end up missing your ground shuttle? Read the notes below on how to handle a late landing and still meet up with ground shuttle services to get a ride home.

Shuttles Have A Schedule Too

Airplanes are not the only transports that follow a tight schedule; ground shuttles do as well. In order to provide timely service to many customers, ground shuttle services must keep their vehicles on schedule, departing from various pickup points on time. Drivers wait a certain amount of time for passengers to show up; however, they are required to leave at pre-determined times regardless of whether your flight landed later than expected. It is not the ground shuttle’s fault that your flight was delayed.

Notify Shuttle Company Right Away

When you determine that you have or are likely to miss that shuttle because your plane is delayed, the first thing you should do is contact the ground shuttle transportation company and alert them of the problem. Most services will attempt to remedy the situation by providing a seat on the next shuttle that arrives at the airport to pick up passengers. This may involve a bit of a wait; however, at least you will be able to get to your destination.

If it is impossible for you to be accommodated with a future ground shuttle and another means of transportation is preferable, in most cases the service will provide credit for the fare. Of course, any time you are scheduled as a passenger and do not show up at the pick-up point or make a phone call to advise of a late flight, the fee may be forfeited.

Stay In Communication

Travelers making reservations with ground shuttle services are required to provide a phone number at the time the services are booked. On pick-up day, these numbers are forwarded to the shuttle driver as a means of contacting all passengers. In the event that departure time is approaching and a driver is missing a passenger, they will call that person to see if they are close to the pickup area or if they will be delayed past the scheduled departure time.

If longer delays are likely, the driver will then instruct the passenger about contacting ground shuttle transportation services to arrange for a ride at a future pickup time. Drivers who cannot reach a reserved traveler have no choice but to leave on time, so it is important that you stay in touch with the shuttle company.

Should your flight be delayed causing you miss your ground shuttle, in most cases it may not be much of a problem. Most ground shuttle services can provide a seat on one of their next departures from the airport so you can reach your intended destination. The key to getting on that next shuttle is to stay in touch with the ground shuttle transportation company so they know your situation and appropriate accommodations can be made!

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Summer Vacations – Reserve Your Ground Shuttle Seats Now!

Summer is nearly here, and that means it is almost vacation time. Everyone looks forward to family and personal vacations; however, without the right ground shuttle transportation fun times can be more hectic than they need to be.

By using ground shuttles, vacation travelers can start their summer holiday early by settling back for a comfortable ride to and from the airport. There are many reasons why ground shuttle servicesshould be a part of everyone’s summer vacation trip planning.

No Worry About the Car

One common worry many travelers have when vacationing is whether their personal vehicles will be safe in the airport parking lot. This is a justifiable concern since most economy airport lots are not well supervised. Private lots can fill up quickly and usually cost more than the economy lot.

When traveling for more than a few days, a better solution is leaving your car at home and booking a ride with ground shuttle services. Personal cars will be safe and travelers can ride in comfort to their flights using ground shuttles.

More Cost-Effective Than Other Options

The cost of parking can get expensive, especially for those planning 2 and 3 week long summer holidays. At $10 or more per day for the unprotected economy lot, the expense of any trip can quickly increase. When you include the price of gas, tolls, and additional wear and tear on the vehicle, parking is both unsafe and costly.

Those who have access to taxi service do not end up much better since taxi rates are climbing every day. Ride sharing is not available everywhere and a bit uncertain as well as without any guarantees as to service. Considering the convenience and service, ground shuttles are often a more cost-effective, safe, and comfortable option than all other options.

Reliable Service Going and Coming

Besides the cost, those considering a taxi or ride share services instead of ground shuttle services need to think about reliability and whether their ride will actually meet them on time. There is no guarantee there will be a taxi available after landing at the airport, so long waits can happen. As for ride sharing, many do not offer service in time to catch early morning flights.

Upon landing, travelers are again subjected to waiting while a driver claims their trip and arrives to get them. With previously booked ground shuttle transportation, all travelers must do is show up on time at the designated meeting area and their transportation will be there waiting for them.

Also consider the fact that ground shuttle services can be booked ahead in just a few minutes with a single phone call or online visit. There is no reason why vacationers should leave their airport transportation to anyone or anything else.

Pre-scheduled ground shuttle transportation allows vacation travelers to leave their worries at home the moment they sit down in a comfortable van or car that is operated by a polite, experienced driver. Whether coming or going, ground shuttles show up on time and offer travelers the best service for the money. So rely on their services to ensure you have the best time on your summer holiday!

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Yes, You Can Survive Airline Travel With Kids!

Whether headed on vacation or to visit friends or relatives, trips with children can be fun yet very trying for parents. Flying with kids can upset other passengers on a plane as well. Thankfully, there are ways to get around the anxiety and aggravation when flying with children so that everyone can enjoy the flight. From reliable and punctual ground shuttle transportation to ways to ensure that kids are calm and contained during flights, parents who think ahead can be the hero. Using ground shuttles for convenient, worry-free airport transportation is only the beginning!

Keep It Simple with Ground Shuttle Services

When planning airline travel with children, parents must think in terms of safety and simplicity. The fewer stops and details that need handling on travel day, the better. This is one of the best reasons to start off right by booking ground shuttle transportation to and from the airport. This leaves the transportation concerns to the ground shuttles, while parents deal with their children.

Plan for Safe, Trouble-Free Travel

One important detail that parents must consider when planning air travel and convenient ground shuttles to get to and from the airport is safety seating for children. Some shuttle services will provide child car seats; however, parents are advised to confirm this ahead of time. Some airlines permit children under the age of two to be seated on a parent’s lap; older children must occupy a seat. Long flights may have specific restrictions or requirements for child safety as well. Parents should make sure about all of these details ahead of time in order to plan accordingly.

With safe travel in mind, parents might want to look into purchasing a kit that can convert their car seat into a stroller and vice-versa. Removable wheels give parents the ability to keep small kids safe in ground shuttles and on flights, while also having the service of a compact stroller in between. Besides these convertible stroller type of seats, there are a number of other travel seats available that can be used both in cars and on airplanes. These include easily packed seat harnesses that may suffice if there is no need for an actual air travel seat, such as when shuttle services can provide them.

Give Kids A Workout Before Boarding

Plan to be dropped off by ground shuttle transportation ahead of schedule to prevent the chance of missing a flight and allow plenty of time for check-in and exploration. Simply getting to the gate on time and immediately boarding may sound like the best idea; however; parents and other passengers on the flight will appreciate children who are tired before boarding the plane. After getting through security, take kids for walks throughout the terminal. Let them play in designated areas, explore, and stay active. Expending energy before a flight increases the chance that kids will be calm or even sleep during the flight itself.

Pack Well for Travel

As any parent knows, packing a well-equipped travel bag is a necessity. When flying, include the usual snacks and childcare needs as well as plenty of entertainment items. Bring video games, books, small toys, and anything else that can quietly keep children entertained as well as favorite snacks.

By taking these ideas into consideration, parents can keep their children safe during travel and ensure that everyone has an enjoyable flight. Proper, safe seating in ground shuttles and airline seats is essential and it does not have to be cumbersome. By using items designed specifically to make air travel with children easier, keeping young ones active before a flight, and providing plenty of in-air entertainment, parents will have the most well-behaved children on the flight. To ensure children are safe, be sure to inquire in advance with both the ground shuttle transportation company, and airlines about child safety requirements for each child!

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Taxis or Ground Shuttle Transportation – Which Is Better?

Business Travel and the Value of Ground Shuttle Services!

Taxis or Ground Shuttle Transportation – Which Is Better?

One important decision that must be made when traveling by air is how to get to and from the airport, both before and after a flight. There are many people who rely upon hailing a taxi cab at the airport, or use public transportation; however, this may not be the most convenient way to travel. Ground shuttle transportation offers much better service and many advantages over a cab, which makes it a more preferable choice. Rather than leaving ground transportation to chance, a traveler will likely enjoy their trip much more by booking shuttle services for their airport travel needs ahead of time.

Scheduling and Availability

Although it may be easy to simply grab a taxi at the terminal, during busy travel times a taxi may be harder to find than expected. Taxis are first come/first serve, which means a traveler must wait for a cab to drive through airport terminals with the hope of hailing one down that is available. This often means waiting, especially when there are a lot of other people also looking for a cab, since only a certain number of cabs are permitted through the airport terminals at one time. In addition, some cabs will not travel outside of certain perimeters. This means if a person needs to get to a destination outside of these perimeters, they will be out of luck when it comes to cab services. On the other hand, shuttle services are scheduled in advance and are there waiting at the terminal for their passenger.  They are prepared to deliver passengers to the previously arranged destination, whether that is a hotel or some other drop off point.

Fares and Fees

Many believe that taking a cab is the least expensive way to travel to and from the airport; however, this may not always be the case. Cab fares differ from city to city and are based on the distance traveled and the time to travel that distance. Cab fares are difficult to estimate until after the meter stops running. Things like traffic, traveling outside of the usual service area, and other limitations can affect the total cab fare. On the other hand, shuttle services are flat rate and often paid for in advance when they are scheduled. Regardless of how long the trip takes, or how far the distance, the fare remains the same. Ground shuttle transportation vehicles often travel outside of the area, whereas most cab services will not. Shuttle services also offer many different hotel or drop off destinations -even in the suburbs.  

Vehicles and Service

Another important benefit when using shuttle services is that the vehicles are commonly well-maintained and clean, providing the best accommodations for travelers. A passenger never needs to worry about being forced to ride in an unsanitary vehicle. There is also a much lower risk of having to deal with a breakdown, since shuttle vehicles are meticulously maintained so they will always provide great service to their customers. Drivers are typically dressed professionally or uniformed and help passengers with their baggage as necessary. Ground shuttle transportation offers a much more comfortable and personable ride to a travel destination and usually have a reliable service record. Additionally, many ground shuttle transportation companies offer various levels of service and can arrange for private transport if this is desired. Shuttle services are easily booked to get passengers to and from the airport.

Before deciding that grabbing a cab at the airport is the best answer when traveling by air, consider the many reasons why ground shuttle transportation is superior. Between the affordable rates, clean and comfortable service, and the convenience of not having to wait for a ride, shuttle services offer all air travelers a better option!

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How To Avoid Motion Sickness In The Ground Shuttle!

Motion sickness can make any kind of travel a miserable experience. It is not uncommon for some people who travel as passengers in cars or vans to experience motion sickness. This type of motion sickness may even be an issue with customers who travel using ground shuttle transportationhowever, it does not have to ruin the ride. Using these easy methods to prevent or manage travel sickness, anyone can schedule their ride with ground shuttles or limo services in confidence and arrive at their destination feeling fine!

What Is Motion Sickness?

Motion sickness is not actually a sickness; it is an issue with the systems in the body that create balance. This malady is caused by conflicting brain signals from the eyes, ears, and nose, resulting in various symptoms such as headache, nausea, dizziness, sweating, and more. Motion sickness can happen anytime there is a disturbance in these systems, such as when your ears or eyes can sense motion yet the other senses cannot. This can happen when traveling in a car, plane, or on a cruise ship. Although the symptoms are temporary, they can unfortunately affect current travel and any time immediately afterward until balance is restored. Motion sickness is more common for passengers who sit in the back seat of a car or when traveling in larger vehicles like vans or buses, where the feeling of movement may easily conflict with what a passenger actually sees and hears.

Preventing Motion Sickness

The best way to fight motion sickness is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Travelers who may be particularly sensitive to riding in the back seat of a car, or who already know they suffer from motion sickness, can prepare for ground shuttle transportation by taking preventive measures.

There are a number of over the counter products available that can help prevent motion sickness. There are also patches that can be prescribed for those who suffer motion sickness frequently or have a long ride ahead of them. Ginger tablets are known to help prevent motion sickness and are readily available. Besides medications, travelers can reduce their chance of suffering motion sickness by staying well hydrated before their trip, eating something with enough time to fully digest it, and bringing something to drink along for the ride. It is also a good idea to refrain from reading, since that can affect the sense of balance even more.

Alleviating Motion Sickness

When already en route and motion sickness becomes a problem, drink something like a sports drink or enhanced water with electrolytes, club soda, or ginger ale, all of which are known to settle an upset stomach. For some, a cola product can do that as well. Concentrate on the movement happening outside of the vehicle,. If possible, open a window as the sound and feeling of air on the face can help reduce motion sickness quickly by restoring inner ear balance. If it is possible to move to a front passenger seat, do so. Acupuncture is a non-medicinal cure that may also help. By pressing on the inner arm three fingers down from the wrist, this Chinese method regulates blood flow and balance and can relieve mild motion sickness for some. There are even motion sickness bands that can be purchased that put pressure on the right part of the arm to create the necessary sensation.

Motion sickness is so unpleasant; however, with a little pre-planning, anyone can prevent or relieve their motion sickness before it becomes a real problem. When booking ground shuttle transportation, take steps to prevent motion sickness before it can start. By bringing along items to relieve it if it does, passengers riding in ground shuttles will have a more enjoyable, worry-free trip to their destination!

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