How To Avoid Motion Sickness In The Ground Shuttle!

Motion sickness can make any kind of travel a miserable experience. It is not uncommon for some people who travel as passengers in cars or vans to experience motion sickness. This type of motion sickness may even be an issue with customers who travel using ground shuttle transportationhowever, it does not have to ruin the ride. Using these easy methods to prevent or manage travel sickness, anyone can schedule their ride with ground shuttles or limo services in confidence and arrive at their destination feeling fine!

What Is Motion Sickness?

Motion sickness is not actually a sickness; it is an issue with the systems in the body that create balance. This malady is caused by conflicting brain signals from the eyes, ears, and nose, resulting in various symptoms such as headache, nausea, dizziness, sweating, and more. Motion sickness can happen anytime there is a disturbance in these systems, such as when your ears or eyes can sense motion yet the other senses cannot. This can happen when traveling in a car, plane, or on a cruise ship. Although the symptoms are temporary, they can unfortunately affect current travel and any time immediately afterward until balance is restored. Motion sickness is more common for passengers who sit in the back seat of a car or when traveling in larger vehicles like vans or buses, where the feeling of movement may easily conflict with what a passenger actually sees and hears.

Preventing Motion Sickness

The best way to fight motion sickness is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Travelers who may be particularly sensitive to riding in the back seat of a car, or who already know they suffer from motion sickness, can prepare for ground shuttle transportation by taking preventive measures.

There are a number of over the counter products available that can help prevent motion sickness. There are also patches that can be prescribed for those who suffer motion sickness frequently or have a long ride ahead of them. Ginger tablets are known to help prevent motion sickness and are readily available. Besides medications, travelers can reduce their chance of suffering motion sickness by staying well hydrated before their trip, eating something with enough time to fully digest it, and bringing something to drink along for the ride. It is also a good idea to refrain from reading, since that can affect the sense of balance even more.

Alleviating Motion Sickness

When already en route and motion sickness becomes a problem, drink something like a sports drink or enhanced water with electrolytes, club soda, or ginger ale, all of which are known to settle an upset stomach. For some, a cola product can do that as well. Concentrate on the movement happening outside of the vehicle,. If possible, open a window as the sound and feeling of air on the face can help reduce motion sickness quickly by restoring inner ear balance. If it is possible to move to a front passenger seat, do so. Acupuncture is a non-medicinal cure that may also help. By pressing on the inner arm three fingers down from the wrist, this Chinese method regulates blood flow and balance and can relieve mild motion sickness for some. There are even motion sickness bands that can be purchased that put pressure on the right part of the arm to create the necessary sensation.

Motion sickness is so unpleasant; however, with a little pre-planning, anyone can prevent or relieve their motion sickness before it becomes a real problem. When booking ground shuttle transportation, take steps to prevent motion sickness before it can start. By bringing along items to relieve it if it does, passengers riding in ground shuttles will have a more enjoyable, worry-free trip to their destination!

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